Friday, June 22, 2007

The Power of...

Most anyone that knows me, also knows that I love music...singing it, dancing to it, listening to it, playing it on the piano...etc. However, lately I've realized how much I've missed music. It's crazy, before I was married, I can't count how many times I would just listen to music for the fun of it... studying the scriptures, just to rock out all alone in my bedroom, blast it while driving or motivate me while I'm cleaning the bathroom.

But, somewhere along the way I stopped letting music move me. Whether it was not having as many opportunities to dance around with a fake microphone, not driving as much or getting too busy with life itself, I'm not sure. But, I have these fleeting moments when I remember why I love music so much.

You can be having the worst day or have so much on your mind, and a song comes on the radio that just makes you feel alive again and reminds you of everything you have around you. It's like the sky wasn't as blue before you heard that song. And, isn't it crazy how one song can take you all the way back in time to that one moment or that exact feeling years before?

So, that's my profound thought for the has the power to make you smile and see the world from a new perspective. And by the way, a couple songs that have made me smile lately are.... Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie, Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae & Do You Know- Enrique Iglesias. Funny huh, but seriously, these songs just get under your skin and you can't help but love life. So, maybe listen to one, count your blessings and rock out!

P.S. Just watched Jill's blog with Paul Potts and THAT was moving!!!!