Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my nose is cold my toes are froze....

There's something wrong with this picture...everytime I've written, it's COLD. I think I forgot I lived in Colorado. oops. :) Last night, it got down to negative 36 with windchill and this morning it was negative 15 with no wind. I'm cold there's nothing else to it. I figure I better write about some things bc I'll have little or no time in the next few days to update with pics. So what's been going on in our lives????

First thing, we went to California for Thanksgiving and had a great time with my family. We did the Thousand Oaks Turkey Day Dash, ate homemade rolls, delicious turkey, stuffing, etc...the works. We sewed like no other! I finished a Christmas banner and an apron for my best friend's birthday. (Lane, I need a pic of you looking so domestically chic in it!) Got pedis and mostly just hung out, caught up on some Arrested Development episodes, went to Ventura Pier for tandem bikes and such, ate The Habit, That pretty much sums up a great Thanksgiving with family. pics to come for these.

Well, while we were there, Heath and I celebrated our 7th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? I feel old. My parents watched the kids and we had a much needed night out. It was just dinner but it was really nice to have dinner, talk and enjoy the Christmas skating rink and lighted trees. We were going to walk around but it got pretty chilly. I love these dates. We have such a great time together and I can just be myself with him and he loves me for it. The food was good but the company was better :) I love you Heath and I think I keep falling....

Got back from a great trip and it's been cold cold cold. Even too cold to enjoy the snow or sledding. We did go to a city winter wonderland celebration and it was super fun and FREE. Jace loved it and had fun with all the games. It was too cold to stay longer than an hour but it was a great family outing.

Let's see, we'll be in Arizona for three weeks because I sort of got a job! We've been looking for seasonal work to earn money during this break. I got a call back and they pretty much have given me the position they just want to meet me first. The hours aren't bad and I think a little break from full time mommyhood might be okay. I'll be the front desk receptionist at a private airport for a couple weeks. Maybe meet some celebrities taking their jet out for the weekend. :) Will def. enjoy seeing Heath's family and all the cousins.

I need to do so many things..clean the house, pack, clean out the fridge, go to the store, organize papers, bills, coupons, find a portable dvd player, finish my sock monkeys for kiddos, finish a tote bag, write Christmas letters, design a digital christmas card (no money this year) I don't think I'm going to get all done before we leave tomorrow so I'll just start with the most important...cleaninng. How come this always comes first. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not care that the house is not in pristine order and the meals aren't planned. I can't live like that, i'd go even more crazy. :)

Oh, and did I mention Camden has croup and strep. So much fun! But really it hasn't been bad just a fever, irritability, stuffy runny nose and being hoarse. poor baby. He's been sleeping fine so that's what's important. :)

Hopefully, my next post will be a CHRISTMAS CARD TO ALL OF YOU! Warmest wishes for the holidays and travel safely.