Sunday, October 12, 2008


Disclaimer: Feel free to bypass this post. :) Just some thoughts of mine lately.

I don't have much time tonight to write but I want to. Basically, I feel like lately I've been having "journal" withdrawls. Perhaps I should start one again. I miss writing. I already have 8's been one of my passions since I was's what started my love for writing. Unfortunately, it went by the wayside after I got married and had Jace.

Last weekend was amazing with General Conference. I thought the talks were incredible and of course, I felt like they were specifically for me. One of my favorite ones was Joseph B. Wirthlin. For those of you that know me well, I sometimes tend to take life too seriously. It was a great reminder to ENJOY life and LAUGH and find HUMOR in the things around you. Even though it wasn't this amazing spiritual insight, I felt the spirit and the love through his words. Anyways, it was all great and made for a very special weekend. Jace even watched some and played some conference games, which didn't last long, but I was proud of him.

I've been feeling very grateful lately for our blessings because it's been a hard couple weeks but I love having this perspective of "all things will work together for your good" Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but I know it will. Heath's been swamped with school, Jace has decided to give up his naps and I'm enduring the last weeks of this pregnancy. Besides feeling tired, getting little sleep, some back aches and occassional stabs to my ribs, everything is good! I can't wait to meet our new little guy!

Now, for Colorado, we've had some chilly days and nights lately. In fact, we're suppossed to have SNOW tonight...just flurries...but nonetheless, snow. We'll see. The trees and fall colors are so vibrant right now and remind me of my days in Provo. I've quickly remembered why I love SEASONS. Yesterday, while driving around, I just felt an overwhelming gratitude for the beauty around me. There's just this feeling in the air, and not just a chill. So, I suppose I should close now. Although, with so much going on in my head, I could continue for a while.

Have a happy week. :)