Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The morning of Jace's birthday, I surprised him with balloons in his crib (yes, he's still in crib) and all over his room! He was so excited. he said, "Wow, thanks mom!" with as much expression as he could muster. We had fun playing with them that morning and I know he knew it was a special day! :)

Never Ending Celebration

Well, Jace turned 3 yesterday!! I know I can't believe it. We've been celebrating for a while. I'm pretty sure Jace thinks he gets to open presents now every week! He first opened presents while my parents were in town--he got a drill (batteries already dead with him using so much), play snakes (He likes singing the "Trust in Me" song from Jungle Book with them) and other fun stuff. I think he would have been completely content with just that.

But....wait. We had a Splish Splash Bash for him and his friends last Friday and it was a great turnout and they had a blast getting wet and running around!! And the fun doesn't stop...last night on his actual birth day we took him out to dinner and they sang him Happy Birthday with free ice cream. I should have brought my camera to capture the grin on his face; he was so thrilled they were singing to him. I could just tell he felt VERY special.

That's not the end...we'll be having a party Memorial Day with Heath's family. Man, I wish my birthday would last a month. :) Needless to say, we've been extremely busy and it finally seems like things are settling down enough for me to think about anything else.