Thursday, August 27, 2009


WE took Jace to the Long Beach Acquarium. Ali and Ryan watched Camden at their house so we wouldn't have to hurry through in case he wasn't doing great. Jace loved seeing the seals, the Finding Nemo fish tank, the sharks and the water fountain (go figure):) We had a blast! He bought Camden a little stuffed animal turtle just like his and said they were brothers. How cute.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

inspiration come

I just got back from the movie, Julie and Julia with my friend, Jamie. I was inspired by Julie's drive to do something that stretched her to be a better person. I loved how Julia was always so positive. I assume she was truly like that....laughing or joking about when she could be angry, frustrated or sad. More than anything, it reminded me how nice it is to just write. just write. I used to do that a lot more often. In fact, I really miss it. Everything just comes out real when I write. no inhibitions, no judgement. I can just be me.

So, in lieu of this true story, I've been inspired to start writing again. Starting September 1st, I will blog everyday and end November 1st. So, two months of blogging everyday. Even if no one is reading it, I just want to start writing again...about anything. I've been non existent from the blogging world for a while. I was too busy having fun this summer. I guess blogs can be seen as a way to connect, an outlet, a brag platform, and for me, it's a starting point again to find the joy in writing.

I can remember in high school, we would have our 15 minute journal writing and the teacher would just write a topic on the board and we had to write about it. I'm going to do that. Each day, a new topic. If you have any suggested topics, please feel free to suggest. I'll decide what to write about but it will help me just start. Let the journey begin!!!

Before it starts, I'll have some posts about our summer fun. I better hurry though I only have a couple days. Before I forget, Jace's first day of preschool - he learned about coconut trees. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trucking in T.O.

Our second week in Thousand Oaks, we went to a city event called TOUCH - A - TRUCK. It was a 4-year old boy's 7th heaven!!! It was free and they let all the kids get in firetrucks, police trucks, delivery trucks, cement mixers, street washers, ambulances, army tanks, bulldozers, get the idea! They had about 4 different firetrucks and we had to go in everyone. Jace got to honk horns and push buttons. He LOVED every moment. Camden was there too....and was a perfect baby just happy in his stroller enjoying the loud noisy trucks all morning. He even fell asleep eventually. We wanted to go in the helicopter but the line was soooo long! We settled for watching it take off and blow dust all over us. :) It was a great family outing! Jace wanted to stay all day...oh wait, we did!!!