Saturday, May 3, 2008

Something about Heath

I got tagged to tell a little about my hubby...

A -ATV of choice? No idea
B - Born? January 1980
Cookies or Candy? Candy...loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
D-Date of Choice when you go out? Dinner, walk around downtown and watch a movie at home
Essential Item? Cell Phone or Sunglasses
F-Favorite Foods? Ice Cream, Cereal, Lasagna, Pork Burritos (his mom's)
G-Gas or Diesel vehicle? Gas
H-Hobbies? Let's see.... watching or playing sports, finding unique design and developments on the internet, watching the Discovery Channel, playing on Photoshop with his plans, listening to music
I-Ice Cream Flavor? Private Selection Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
J-Job? Asst. Community Planner
K-Kids? 1 - Jace
L-Last Vacation as a couple? Kona, Hawaii :) what a treat!!!!
M-Morning person or night owl? Night owl--stays up all hours of the night
N-Number of Siblings? 3 Sisters and 2 brothers and he's the baby.
O-OCD or sloppy? Clean when he wants to be. He has his OCD moments
P-Pet Peeves? leaving on lights around the house, dirty car, out of cereal
Q-Quiet or Loud? Loud. I thought I was a big talker
R-Restaurant? Olive Garden for the breadsticks and salad
S-Sports? ALL
T-Tight wad or spender? tight..but not stingy. he's very money conscious and we are a good team
U-Unknown Fact about him? His grandma was his best friend in the whole world.
V-Vegetables? He LOVES cauliflower...go figure?
W- Worst Habit? Spending too much time watching sports or talking sports with Trevor
X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? I just found out he was named outstanding athlete of the year for his Jr. High class; held the record in most consecutive free throws and the #1 tennis player in the school.
Y-Your favorite things about him? He always knows how to make me laugh!
Z-Zodiac Sign? not sure... hmm.

I tag... Christie, Maren, Jenn Winn, Debbie, Terra, Tiff, Ali, Mom and Alissa

Coming soon...

I know I am late in the game and that everyone has been done with the Twilight series for at least a year now. But...better late than never. I finished all three books in less than a week! I LOVED them. I would say, probably a little obssessed. The next book comes out in August and I can't wait. I anticipate the movie even more....Dec. 12. I went on youtube and there a like a thousand videos and clips! I love the cast choices and it's the best when you can see what you imagined come to life on the screen. Until August...