Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Final Letter!

Yeah!!!! Heath got accepted to University of Colorado Denver today. We couldn't be any happier! Heath went to orientation at Portalnd last week to check out the program! It was a great experience and will help with our decision. I absolutely LOVE Denver!!! I've been there two times before. I've lived in the snow before so I know what that's like...but not with kids. Any advice? The downtown is vibrant, the mountains are incredible, the outdoor adventures are endless. I would be absolutely happy to live there. At first I was sceptical because of the snow, but after doing research....Denver gets more sun than San Diego or Miami, Florida. Around 300 days of sunshine vs. Portland's months without even a spec of sun. Heath ultimately needs to decide which program is best for him. We'll let you know!

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Well Jace got a bowling set for easter. I was getting tired of having to set up all of our empty water bottles. Jace just figured this out one day--I saw him setting stuff up--cans, books, toys, buckets, you name it...and then he would bowl into it. He cracks me up!!! We've never gone bowling or watched bowling!! I don't know where he gets it. ??
Anything that could be associated with sports, Jace LOVES! I don't know if you can call bowling a sport...I believe that might be debatable and perhaps along the line of billard pool.

Yes, I did it!!!

Play-Dough Creations

Jace and I had a fun time the other day making creations with Play-dough. :) He told me what to make and I did as he said like a good little mommy....Nemo, Dinosaur, Pizza and Wallee. (For those of you who haven't seen the previews for Wallee: Jace is obssessed! He loves watching the preview right before Ratatouille and now he begs me to go to the web site. It doesn't come out until July. ) I'm sure we'll be doing play-dough again very soon....it was a hit!

A giraffe turned dinasaur.

Hmm. who's my next victim?


"Yes, I'm a natural blue."

Pizza anyone?