Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Ol' AZ

Okay, so last weekend we went back to Arizona for a funeral. We were so busy but made time for a couple things.
Went to our cousin, Kelsey's baptism. She looked so beautiful and happy! We're so proud of you!

Saw my good friend, Amber. Our boys got to play together. (big and small -Our hubbies went to play bball together)And she was so sweet to watch Jace during the funeral. That was such a blessing.

Spent time with family!!!! Hanging out, laughing, eating, and more. .We had a really nice time with everyone.
Jace and his cousin, William played all the time!!! They were inseperable. They sure knew how to get into trouble together.

My sister in law, Autumn took some pictures of Camden--not posted yet. Can't wait to get them.

Went to the funeral, of course. This was at the luncheon afterwards. There were lots of babies there. Cam wasn't too happy then. My niece, Cheyanne is on the left. She wasn't feeling too good either. We found out later she has RSV. poor baby.

Can't forget the 14 hour car ride to AZ. We went all the way through over night and will never do that again. Whew, it was a lot of driving. The kids did great but the parents, well, we were zombies the next day. We got a hotel in Santa Fe for the way back. good choice.

Some other things we ENJOYED
Mangos!!! Need I say more...well, okay....a small little mexican food joint. Our favorite in downtown Mesa.
In and Out (we wanted to go to Cafe Rio and the Chuckbox but didn't quite make it)
Saw Ed and Nancy over dinner. Jace loves them!!
Went to our old ward and saw all our friends. It felt like we never left. When we walked in, I saw so many people in shock. It was quite fun to have that reaction.
Enjoyed amazing sunsets and great warm weather
Went and saw Inkheart with all the sisters. It was quite good--better than I thought it would be.


Heath's Grandma FeFe (Eunice May Sheffield Reed) died on January 15,2009. We were able to go to Arizona for the funeral. I'm so lucky that I knew this sweet woman. Heath loves his grandma so much and it was always a joy to go over and see her. These pictures were taken right before we moved. She was having some rough times so we both had a feeling we probably wouldn't see her again. I'm getting teary just thinking of it, but when we left her bedside she just gave Heath the biggest hug and held him forever. She didn't want him to go. Heath gave the talk at the funeral and I thought I'd write some things down he said: She was a woman of faith, virtue, charity and dignity. He quoted the scripture in Cor. about charity and shared the story about the good Samaritan.

Here are some of her responses to some questions asked a while back.
What's your favorite color: "Mother always put us in blue, but I always wanted to wear pink." What's your favorite food: "If you put it in front of me, I'll eat it."

I feel grateful that we have people pass through our lives and leave imprints on our hearts. We love you Grandma!