Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 11 - Ode to Camden

Camden is 10 months today!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing. I just ADORE him!! For 10 months, 10 things about Camden.

1) He already has 5 teeth and i love his smile. He lights up any bad day.

2) He is tough. He can take Jace jumping on him, squishing him, and wrestling him all day.

3) He loves his brother more than anyone!!! He can be completely upset and Jace will walk in the room and he'll immediately stop and start smiling.

4) He can say mama, dada and uh oh.

5) He LOVES being outside. If Jace and Daddy go play basketball, he'll climb over me to look out the window and watch them or crawl to the door, stand up and yell. And yes, I always take him out there.

6) He is a screamer!! I need to teach him sign language so he can communicate bc I can't take his screaming. wow. he has some lungs

7) He loves playing catch with me and can throw any ball. He loves taking baths, playing little piggies, being tackled by Jace, cars, animals and people!!! He'll smile and woo any old lady in the grocery store.

8) He is still a little guy. Weighing 16 lbs. but this kid LOVES to eat. Anything and everything that's on my plate, of course.

9) Knee n' foot: His crawling method. He won't crawl with both knees. it cracks me up.

10) He took his first step yesterday! Heath and I were both there for it. He was standing up holding Cam's fingers and let go. He stood for a second and then took a step.

Day Ten

Sorry - had a migrane. no post.