Friday, June 5, 2009


The job in AZ didn't work out the way we had hoped. But....Heath got a job offer in California so we took it! After packing our bags and heading to AZ, we learned of the job situation and packed our bags again a week later and drove to sunny California. Oh wait, it hasn't been quite sunny--it's rained the last 2 days. I guess that's what they call the June gloom. :) We are happy to be here with family. We are living with my parents while Heath commutes to Pasadena for an internship. We are excited to have a fun-filled summer with family and friends and lots of trips to the beach. wahoo!! So, I know, we are pretty hard to keep up with. I, too, can't keep up with it. But, now that we're here, I finally feel at peace. These last two months of uncertainty have been hard on me. I always like to have everything organized and prepared early. I guess something I've learned from this is no matter how much planning you do in advance, life will always through you curve balls. So, now that we are settled, I can finally start blogging about all the fun things we've been up to. Coming Soon: Jace's Birthday Party!!!