Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pains of Cravings

I absolutely am craving Pinkberry yogurt right now. It's the most refreshing frozen yogurt I've ever had. I even bought yogurt and freezed it hoping it would taste the same--not even close!!! But, seeing as my craving is miles and miles away, I don't think I'll be able to quench it tonight. I just looked up the locations in hopes of one being in CO--it's not! Only California and New York! I guess it's true.... absence makes the heart swirl fonder...and for me, that will be until December. Until then Pinkberry.

Catch Me if You Can

I made these thread catchers with my mom a couple weeks ago! I have to say, I am super proud of them! They are so cute and definitely handy! They were kind of difficult to put together because the directions were SO confusing. This experience just reinforced my belief in patterns being not so useful at times. When all else fails, use common sense! The top is a sand bag to hold it down but also works as a pin cushion and the hoop catches all the threads, fabric strips and scraps in one place! I love them!

Joys of Packing

Jace is being quite the helper these days...when he's not inside the boxes :) We've been up to our ears in boxes lately. We have so much to do still but I'm just taking it a day at a time. I love that Jace can fit into the box with the lid close. He's such a little munchkin! We've been trying to prepare him for the move...and the baby...and the new house...and the new weather. It's quite a bit for a toddler to take in but we are hoping and praying he will be resilient!