Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today is snowy and cold but it seems appropriate because it's finally December. It's amazing how snow can really make it feel like Christmas. growing up in California, I am accustomed to sunny Christmases but this seems to bring an added feeling to this time of year. I set up 0ur Christmas decorations and manger scene. Yet, it only lasted a day until Jace got a hold of it and I had to pack the whole thing away. Look forward to the day when I can have a place to put it where the kids won't touch it. I find it ironic that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas this year. It's so easy to think of the many things we don't have this year but I've been prepped with Thanksgiving and am grateful for the many things we do have. This year, we're focusing on the things that really matter. I guess these are my favorite christmases because you don't get lost in the commercialism and presents.