Sunday, March 13, 2011

Latest Happennings

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long. If I'm on the computer, I'm looking for jobs for Heath or helping Heath apply for jobs. Our life revolves around this right now. We are grateful that Heath has a job to pay the bills but this job is exhausting us both. He's gone from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. M-F with some breaks in between. It pretty much sucks and I'm a single mom most days. We've been praying and fasting for a job but nothing has happened yet. We know it will when it's the right time. I've really come to realize that this has everything to do with timing. For instance, after applying for an IEP meeting for Jace in October they are now getting around to it April. Having that paperwork and program in place is crucial to his future and with out knowing where we are going to be, it's a huge blessing to have because we can carry that wherever we go in the country. Also, Jace has been making a lot of progress with his private therapy and we'll have to let go of that therapy as soon as Heath gets a job. So, I've been finding a lot of silver lining lately, which is great. But, I still have hard days and I hate our apartment and Mazie has nowhere to cry it out so I'm not getting sleep, we have no room for our stuff, our dresser is broken, our chair just broke, our dishwasher is broken and well that's just the beginning. I hate being negative and that's why I don't blog because I probably would just use it to vent. So, yes, I have found joy in doing things for others. I try to do something to serve someone at least once a week because then I'm not thinking about myself. Funny thing, I don't really do anything for myself at this point. I know every one says to take time but really, when? I so miss sewing but that's probably not in my future for another year. Heath trys to give me breaks and he's really been wonderful through all of this. We both have our up and downs but he's been my rock. I love you Heath. Everyone has trials and hard days. Who knows when I'll get on here again. Sorry. We'll see. It might be to announce a move or a job. I hope!

Some Recent Pics

Next Up...Christmas

We went to California for Christmas this year and had a BLAST!!! Here's some picture highlights...

Mazie's Blessing

I have lots of catch up.... Enjoy....It'll be a lot pictures per request! :) First thing first, Mazie's special day! My parents and Heath's parents came because we coincided it with his graduation. But, it was sad to not have our other family members there and they were all VERY missed.This day was very special especially because first Mazie was named after Heath's grandma and second, she was blessed in a very unique dress--Heath's grandma Mazie wore this dress fabric to Heath's mom's wedding and then his sister, made a dress out of the fabric. When Heath and I got married, she gave us this dress in hopes we'd have a baby girl someday! So blessed that we did!! Because our sweet Mazie is a petite little thing, I had to make some major alterations so it would fit. So the weekend before, my mom and I took the dress apart and then put it back together. And I LOVE IT!!!! She looked like my little porcelain doll. And although it's been difficult having no sleep again and dealing with a toddler and a baby, I have never doubted that she came at the exact time she was supposed to. She is an enormous blessing in our lives and we just adore her.