Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How does your garden grow???

Here's the beginning of the charity garden I've been helping out with! What started out as a small service project has turned into months of enjoyment and service opportunities! These were taken in June and I already need to post more from July because it's grown SOOOO much. The kids have loved helping out too!!!!

Just Some Pics For Now....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know I have been absent from the blogging world. I've had a lot going on and so much to catch up on....
29thBirthday - Arizona Trip - Swimming - Birthday Parties - Children's Museum - Gardening - Scraped Knees and Bumped Heads - Father's Day - Job Applications - Summer Sickness -

I need to recap some of these events just for my own journal entries. So, first my birthday... Heath said he wanted to meet me at Pinkberry the Monday before my birthday and I thought, ok, kind of weird just because he's not a huge fan of this place. But I agreed. I get there and all my girlfriends are there! SURPRISE! It was such a great surprise and hello...pinkberry...couldn't get a better treat! It was kind of chilly outside so we all decided to pile into our van (yes, we have a van now) and talk for a while. It was really fun and to be honest, I didn't need anything else for my birthday. All I really want is a fun night out with my friends and something special from my hubby. I got just that. On my actual birthday, we decided to leave for AZ early just to get out of town. Heath had to work the nursery that morning but when he got home he gave me a "NothingBundtCakes" mini birthday cake. So sweet! Thought it was going to be a great day. was just another day of dealing with life and kids and everything that comes with it. Driving across the state on my  birthday wouldn't have been bad except...Jace threw up every hour till we got to New Mexico. Guess he was sick but he was fine when we got there and the rest of the night (Phew!) None of us got anything either. Who knows?

Arizona was BEYOND HOT! Maybe it was the extra 10 degrees of heat from the pregnancy but I was so hot and I was such a wimp. How did I live here for 4 years!! I am so used to the mild beautiful weather and sometimes freezing temperatures of Colorado. The cool nights here are amazing in the summer and the afternoon thunderstorms are still my favorite. And yet, this was only a stop on our journey. I've seemed to forget that. On the job hunt and who knows where it will take us. So, AZ was fun though! We pretty much lived in the pool and I got to see some good friends! We of course ate Mangos mexican food and IN n Out among other places. I took Jace with his cousins to see Toy Story 3, which turned out to be pretty cute. (Jace still talks about the scary monkey with the camera:)  I love watching Jace with his cousins and It's really something he misses as well. I didn't really grow up with my cousins but I can see how it would be really fun having family so close. We had a great time but it all went too fast. Back to life and back to the reality of jobs, kids, responsibilities...

Anyways...good for now. I'm sick with strep and bronchitis but on meds so should be getting better. things are getting kinda foggy so I'm gonna go lay down. I'll update more later.