Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not quite a devil yet....

Okay, so those of you who know me, know I LOVE sports. (It's pretty obvious considering I've worked for Sport Court since 2004) I love playing them (esp. tennis, eventhough I'm not that great...but mostly I love watching them.) I think my love for sports began in high school when I started as a Freshman Cheerleader. I seriously loved watching the games from my cheer stool or on the sidelines, and I'm sure a cute quarterback probably had something to do with my initial interest. I got into the games too..probably a little more than most girls. I think it paid off especially because in my job, I need to know about sports because I am constantly working with pro athletes and sport fans and it's quite fun!!

So, this last Saturday, Heath and I went with our friends, Amber and Travis to my first ASU Game! I got amazing tickets from my friend at KTAR for a suite! In Heath's words, this was my first "real" football game! He thinks because BYU didn't have people drinking and smoking and cursing at the refs, it wasn't a "real" football atmosphere. However, I found it totally the same! Everyone around us was passionate about winning, there was the same hot dogs and hamburgers, the same crazed fan that questions every call, and the one section that keeps on cheering no matter what. But nothing ever got out of hand. I expected a lot worse!!! It was fun experiencing the suite, but after the first quarter we went and sat with the crowd, and it was sooo much better to be in all the action and feeling the excitement in the air. There's nothing like it. It's the same with basketball and baseball games, you just can feed off all the energy from the crowd. So, if you haven't already, go experience a football game this year! 'tis the season :)

P.S. I'm still a true blue BYU fan, but the Sundevils are growing on me :)