Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Ol' T.O.

I'm so happy my parents decided to stay!! This is seriously the best place to grow up. So, in tribute of quite an emotional roller-coaster this last week thinking I'd never get to go back and have a "home" in Thousand Oaks. I've decided to list some things I love about it!

1) WEATHER - Seeing as I'm roasting in 100+ degree weather right now, it's no surprise, this would be on the list. Plus, you really can't beat the great utside-all-the-time environment!

2) FAMILY & FRIENDS - These are coupled, because you can't have one without the other. Especially in a place where everyone truly feels more like family than just friends.

3) SCENERY - Beautiful blue skies, Oak trees (of course), green grass, gardens, fountains, lakes, ponds, rolling hills, (Tarantula mountain), parks, hiking trails, sunsets (can't beat AZ, though), I'm sure there's more, just getting tired.

4) BEACH - Just 30-minute drive to Malibu. It was great! I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to get out of school early on Friday and go to the beach. It was almost like an itch in the air to get done with school and go to the beach, especially with the surfers.

5) TOPPER'S PIZZA - I loved hanging out there after football games. I have a lot of memories there! Plus, the pizza is good!!

6) SHOPPING - Topanga, Santa Monica, Ventura, Westlake,
7) ENTERTAINMENT - Not much to do right in Thousand Oaks, (Jack in the Box) but your surrounded with options: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, Universal City Walk, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Comedy Clubs.

8) CELEBRITIES - I'll never forgot how fun it was when we T-P'd Will Smith's house...well we couldn't get to his house of course, but we made sure to decorate the fence. :)

and maybe I'll add on 2 more when I'm not so tired. :) Please, all you T.O. people out there, add to the list about your favorite things. Shout out to my best friends..you know who you are.

Friendly Update

So, I figured it was time for another post, however, without a working camera, I'm a little shy of cute pictures to display. Lately Jace has been showing his sensitive side. It's so sweet! Like yesterday, he saw someone crying on a movie and he walked over to the box of tissues, grabbed them, sat down and started wiping his eyes while fake crying. How funny is that!!! And any time he sees a baby, he says, baby, ohhhh. I love it. Other news, his mimi and bumpa got him a GUITAR! So, now he doesn't have to pretend with a drumstick, wooden spoon, crayon, etc. I'll be sure to post pics when I can of him rocking out.

As for me, work is going along smoothly. I've been busy at work doing what I enjoy most, which is the marketing/PR side of things. We'll be moving to a new showroom in September so I'll be going part-time so I can be with Jace! I can't wait. The real job I love is being a mother and seems like I will appreciate it so much when i finally get to do it full-time. :) So, until next time, nothing too exciting here, but life seems to always be changing.