Sunday, July 27, 2008

Open Wide!

I took Jace to his very first dentist appointment last week! We prepared him all week for this adventure! I told him what they would do and showed him pictures of dentists and the masks they wear. (he's weird about masks) I was SO proud of him! He did amazing! He let them clean his teeth and floss and then when the dentist came he was completely calm and let him look in his mouth and poke around. I was so impressed with the dentist, the office and the hygienists. My first thought was, I hope I can find something just as great in Colorado. If not, we'll come to AZ for his dentist check ups :) Also, the best part of all.....NO CAVITIES!!! The dentist was very pleased with his teeth brushing skills. When we left, Jace got a goody bag with a new toothbrush and I didn't realize it until a second later, but he started his brushing his teeth in the car on our way to go swimming! He walked out of there, very proud of himself and he said "I'm a good boy." I was so relieved to have a positive experience. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, I would highly recommend this office, Valley Pediatrics.


Mamma Mia! I went to see this movie with my good friend, Amber. It was a pretty cute film. Definitely some corny parts and once you got past the shock of Pierce Brosnan was really enjoyable. We had a great time and the music is AWESOME! (ABBA) I want the soundtrack now. The acting was great, too. I laughed so much! You walk out of this movie feeling 10 years younger and realizing that you can have fun at any age!! So, for those of you out there that can handle people breaking out into song in mid-sentence, go see the movie!