Saturday, June 13, 2009

7 months already?

What...can that really be? Our little Cam is sitting up, saying Mamma (which I LOVE), eating plenty of solids, scooting across the floor, growing - 14 lbs (Small for all of you but good for him. He was only 6 lbs 7 oz. when he was born.) And the newest develompent...he has 2 bottom teeth! Yikes...nursing might get interesting! Well, I wish I could say he was sleeping through the night but that'll come in time. :) He's just cuter than ever! I love him and he brings a smile to my face every day! He has a demanding personality so I'm thinking he'll be just like Jace...but, we'll see. Once he becomes mobile, I'm sure I'll have a better idea what this little guy is all about. Somedays, I think he looks like Jace did and other times, he doesn't. It's a toss up. The best part of having 2, is seeing how much Camden LOVES Jace and vice versa. Seriously, he watches his every move, laughs at him, smiles at him and talks to him.

Soud the Alarm!!!

Jace turned 4!!! Happy Birthday Jace! This year, all he wanted was a fireman birthday party. He is still obsessed with all trucks, trains and moving vehicles...especially fire egines lately. In fact, every time we drive be a fire hydrant, he points it out. (That can get old when you realize how many are on just one street) We had the BEST birthday party ever!!!! Truly, I LOVED it! I made all the arrangements with our local fire station for a tour. We had a small group so the firemen were able to give the extended tour. They even said our group was so great so they just kept doing more activities....sitting in the firetruck, spraying the hose, seeing the axes and tools in the back, walking through the house. JACE was in heaven!! He was the birthday boy and got all the royal treatment he could ever wish for. They let him honk the horn and run the siren. Oh, and they had me see how fast I could put a fireman suit on...that was interesting...and oh so amazing heavy! Those firemen have to be extremely strong or extremely big! That stuff adds like 2o lbs. Afterwards, they gave all the kids a party favor bag and a hat. (totally unexpected!!!) We went to the park after that so the kids could run around and play, eat food and cake and open presents. I also made my first birthday cake--decorated and all (thanks to Denise :) I was so proud of it! Jace loved it so much that I've decided to make a cake every worth it!!! It was really yummy too!!! It was a stress-free, fun-filled day!!!!

Dear Jace, I just want you to know that I love you and love who you are. Sure, there are days that you make me want to pull my hair out, but those are always followed with days that make me so glad that I'm your mommy. You have the most energy of any kid I've ever seen. You have an amazing passion for life and learning. You always are trying to learn new things. In fact, you just learned the first 5 numbers in Chinese! Crazy! I'm amazed that you can go for hours running around, singing, playing the drums, imagining up how to build a town, playing baseball, shake your booty and still have energy for more. You certainly have a sweet side too. I love when you hold my face in your hands and kiss my forehead, I love that you LOVE when I come pick you up or get home and yell, "Oh, you're here!" and hug me around my legs. You are certainly a daddy's boy too. You love when Daddy is home to wrestle, play sports or just about anything wild with you. You are so funny....when I clean your room, you walk in and say, 'Oh, thank you mommy, it's all clean.' You are so appreciative and that makes me so happy. I also know it won't always be like that. You love helping around the house picking up your toys, helping empty the dishwasher, fetching baby toys for Camden and setting the table. Your little brother adores you!!! Sometimes, you are the only one that can keep him happy. I hope and pray you too will be good friends. He already looks up to you and I have a feeling he will follow in your footsteps. I love you and can't wait to watch you grow!