Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 14 - As a Mother

Today, I was listening to Dr. Laura on my way back from picking up Jace from preschool. It was funny bc she told a lady that no 3 yr. old should ever be in preschool. I thought about that bc well, Jace was in preschool when he was 3. We did have some extenuating circumstances and I don't think I'll put Camden in that early, but in this case, it was okay. Dr. Laura said "there's nothing your 3 yr. old can learn in preschool that he can't learn from you, his mother." I've always been a strong believer in starting at home. I take every opportunity to teach Jace when I can. Yet, Jace has flourished in preschool. He soaks it all in and does well in a controlled setting. In fact, he has a personality that craves structure. Sure, kids still turn out wonderful without preschool. In Jace's case, I am glad that he's been in preschool. Also, because of his drive to learn and be actively engaged, he's had so many great experiences that I can't always give him. This summer was really good for us because I tried to do an activity with Jace every day. It helped me get in a good habit of getting out of the house and fueling his energy or should I say, using up some of his energy. That's one thing I love about being a mom. I love thinking of fun free things to do and being creative doing so. I have to send a shout out though to all those AMAZING moms out there! I was reminded on Sunday that I am the only one that can be my boys' mother. It's my place, my job and my responsibility. When I think of it that way, I have an increased desire to do my part and do my best to raise and love these boys the best I can.