Friday, July 27, 2007


I loved it!!!! I went and saw Hairspray with a group of girlfriends last night and we had such a great time. You seriously can't help falling in love with Tracy, the main character!! I loved the music and I can't wait to get the soundrack or when I someday can afford an Ipod I can put those songs on there. :) If you haven't seen it, go see it! I seriously didn't stop smiling the whole movie. It puts you in the best mood. I was a little concerned about the John Travolta being a woman thing and surprisingly it didn't really bother me and just added so much to the laughs! After it was over, I wanted to watch it again. But, I'm not surprised. I'm a sucker for musicals!!! So, I decided to list my favorite musicals of all time.
1. Sound of Music
2. West Side Story
3. The Music Man
4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
5. Bye Bye Birdie
6. My Fair Lady