Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Nice and Dirty

We had so much fun this year on Heath's annual family camping trip! I like camping but seriously, I do it for Jace because he loves it so much! He had a blast being with his cousins. They took trips to the Fish Hatchery, played rounds of baseball, (notice Jace as the catcher) roasted marshmallows and just got real nice and dirty! We had quite an adventure this year when a HUGE storm hit our camp. Within 5 minutes of rain, thunder, lightning and hail, our canopy was collapsing on us, water was past our ankles, we were huddled together in a ball because it got so cold. The temperature just dropped so fast!

I was very impressed with the men--they knew just what to do. They all went out in the pouring rain and dug trenches and a draining system around our whole camp to drain it. What boy scouts! I just know if it was us women, we would've been piled in our cars waiting for the storm to pass. It was a pretty traumatic experience for the kids. Jace still talks about it and how daddy saved us. What a memory. Oh, and lightning hit the camp site right next to us--that's just a little too close for comfort. It's always so great to get together and just enjoy the outdoors. It's beautiful out there and I am grateful Jace gets the opportunity to take part in this tradition. Hope we can come next year.