Friday, September 28, 2007

Deuce, Deuce

So, this last Monday, Heath and I were able to attend a charity event that I've been helping out with for the last couple months. Part of the event included a silent auction, cocktail appetizers, dinner and live auction. It was actually a really fun night! (I'm pretty sure Heath and I were probably the only ones drinking sprite.)It was especially great to be part of the culminating event-- the Pat Tillman Leadership Award Ceremony. One of the recipients was Deuce Lutui. He actually attended Mesa High, went on to play for USC and now plays for the Cardinals. He's also a member of the church. It was really great to meet him and his wife and hear about the good things they are doing to help others. He was such a great, down to earth guy. Meeting him was the highlight of the night! This is the part of my job that i love! Being involved with something good for the community and giving back. It's so great to work with people that are so generous and humble. They also had a special presentation about Pat Tillman, which was great to see. I never knew much about him before he died, but Heath did. It's so amazing that he gave up so much just to serve our country!!