Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't Escape the Heat

So, the verdict is in.....We're moving to Arizona for the summer. We applied to jobs in Colorado, California and Arizona....and we ended up in the Valley of the Sun. Mostly, we're grateful that we have a job. In this tough economy, it's hard to find anything. I'm so going to miss CO though. The afternoon thunderstorms are starting this week and I love how much it cools down. The trees are all green again and wow, spring is beautiful here. All my friends are starting the fun summer activities soon that I'm going to miss :( It's amazing that we can actually do things outside during the summer here. That's a new concept and I guess one I won't get to enjoy it till next summer. :) We're renting our place out furnished so we don't have a ton of packing to do...but still some. I'm excited to see family and friends, go swimming (oh, that means wearing a bathing suit...yikes!), go to sewing night with the SSC, visiting family in CA, monsoon rainstorms, and camping in July.

So, I need some help!!!

Any of you Arizonians.....

Have a baby swing or exersaucer I can borrow for 2 months? We're only driving our Honda
Where are you doing swim lessons?
Anyone doing any fun sports activities for their kids?

THANK YOU!!!!!!! See you Arizona in a week. Fare thee well Colorado till August.