Tuesday, January 7, 2014


okay, seriously, I made this goal to write more last year. Looks like I'm pretty pathetic and failed at it. Oops. Okay, new year, try again. I should be cleancing my house right now. well, I'm not. After that last post, we found out we were pregnant with #4! We were so shocked because we both really felt done and settled in our life. But she's here and she's beautiful and we can't imagine life without her. She was always meant to be. Our beautifuly Adelynn. Seriously though, the spelling, I may have to change it because i keep wanting to write addelyn. dilemas. Her name is a whole other story. get to that later. So much has happened this last year that its too hard to document and so I'm gonna try to just start fresh and hopefully moments or feelings from last year will trickle in here and there. My sweet baby is asleep so I'm gonna get something done real quick to keep this house in order. laundry it never ends. so i'll be back later