Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 Weeks Today

I can hardly believe it's been two weeks! Camden is growing well and such a cutie! I forgot what it's like to have a rough night of sleep but still wake up to the most adorable face and all your feelings of frustration from the night before melt away. Last night was hard as he wanted to stay up for 2 hours at 3p.m. Otherwise, he's a great sleeper. He's nursing like a champ and his weight proves it. He now weighs 6 lbs 15 oz. Good boy!!!

The delivery experience was quite different than my first. It was so weird going into the hospital knowing I'd have a baby in my arms a few hours later. I HATED the spinal epidural. I think I was less aware of all the pain the first time because I had already been in labor for 18 hours. So...this time I was wide awake and alert during the procedure. It was still amazing to see him the first time. I can never get over the miracle of a child. He cried the second they took him out and I heard my doctor say, "We've got a baldy." I laughed and cried. It's been a while so I forgot mostly everything that happens after the csection-difficulty breathing, walking, sneazing, coughing, laughing...moving for that matter. I seriously had the BEST nurses ever (Linda and Kristi). I feel really blessed to have had such a great hospital experience. It really makes a difference when you can't do much of anything. With Jace, I had 12 different nurses. This recovery has seemed much easier though and I feel like I've been up on my feet a lot earlier. It helps that I have NO stairs to climb anymore :)

When I got home, I was welcomed with that cute sign and it just made all the difference. I also received a beautiful flower arrangement from my best friend and it made my day! The first couple days were pretty hard because I felt emotionally ready to care for this sweet baby but physically, my body couldn't do much. Everything seems to be going well. I should be able to start driving again in 2 weeks. Thanks for all your love and prayers and support. I felt them.
Jace has been doing amazing with baby Camden! I love watching them interact. He talks to him, kisses his head, hugs him, bought him a toy (kitchen stuff...imagine that). He's done better than I thought he would. It's really helped to have his gmas and gpas spoiling him. Hope he continues to be so sweet after everyone leaves. Everytime Camden cries, he comes running and wants to help. Can't wait till Camden can interact back. He likes just watching Jace these days and smiling.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank You Mom

So, my baby is asleep for the moment and everyone else headed off to church. So...here I am writing when I probably should be resting. However, since it's only 9 in the morning, I'm not exhausted...yet.

I just want to THANK my wonderful mother for coming out and helping with Jace and Camden for the last week or so. She was SO helpful. Everytime I turned my head she was either doing another load of laundry, cleaning up Jace's room, doing a fun craft with Jace, making food for our family, letting me take much needed naps, bringing me my water, loving on Camden and holding him during his fussy times, helping me figure out my diet again with breastfeading, and overall....just being my mom. I LOVED having her here. It was so hard to let her go but easier knowing I'll see her again in a short few weeks for Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such a great mother. Eventhough I'm old enough to know she probably doesn't, I still think she knows everything. I guess that's something as a child you never really let go of. I think its a form of security. Jace had a GREAT time with grandma! I was so happy knowing that she was with him while I was away and I knew he would be perfectly fine. I was so happy to see him interact so well with her and she helped me really lay down the law sometimes, which has helped me stick to my guns so much more. Jace is def. persistent when he wants something and it was so reassuring to have someone there to help enforce the rules. :)

Heath has been so busy with school that I've been the enforcer. What a blessing for her to come during this time too. I've never, in our 6 years of marriage, seen Heath work as hard and as dilligent and as long as he has for the last couple weeks. We've been counting down the days till the end of the semester....then he can breathe again. I can tell you, though, that I know that if you're doing what's right the Lord will bless you. One night when I was in the hospital, Heath was gone at school all day and came back to stay with me around midnight. He proceeded to write a paper that night in the room and got it back yesterday...he got an A. I was shocked and so was he. Then the other night, he had stayed up really late studying and of course helping with the baby in the wee hours of the night, when morning came, he was about spent. He called me later that day from class and said he had energy and a clear mind and felt like he could work on his project till late that night. At first I wasn't sure where that came from but then I thought of the scripture "run and not be weary, walk and not faint" I know the Lord is watching over him and our little family. I have so much to be grateful for. Sorry for the long post. I still have to tell you all about Camden and our baby #2 experience. more to come later.

As for us now, we have Heath's parents here for the week! Wahoo!!! It's been so great having so much help. :0) Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Camden Heath Reed

Born: Tuesday, November 11 Time: 7:46 a.m. Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz Height: 20 inches

Brought Camden home on November 14, 2008 - the first day it snowed this winter!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adventures in Pregnancy

So, I'm having the baby Tuesday. I can hardly believe it's here! It's gone fast, but slow. You mommies know how that is. This pregnancy hasn't really been that different than the first other than some odd sharp pelvic pain I've had for the last 2 months. At the beginning of the prego stage, I craved pickles. I guess the myth is true. I craved milk too but I haven't been able to drink it because it makes me sick. I've def. experienced the pure and utter exhaustion and I'm sure that comes with being pregnant while having a 3 yr old. :) We've been tirelessly trying to get Jace potty trained b4 the baby and it's been up and downs. I know we'll get there, it's just frustrating waiting. We had a scare this last Monday thinking I was in labor because I was having so much cramping. After all day at the hospital, 2 IVs, blood and urine tests, we really didn't know much more except I was experiencing uterus irritability caused from an inflamed bladder. Whatever that is. They sent me home treating me for a variety of things that they thought it "could be". I've been lucky to have my friends help so much with meals and helping with Jace. It's been a hard week and so, I'm ready for Tuesday to come--no earlier and no later. They don't want me to go into any contractions with a csection so I'm doing my best to lay low. Of course, you know me, I had to clean the house yesterday and it's pretty much put me out for the rest of the day today. I really didn't do that much but I guess I did enough. I think grocery shopping put me over. Perhaps it showed on my face, because a couple people stopped and asked me if i was okay. I should've said, "no, will you carry me?" :) This will be my last post until you meet the little guy-(him whose name is still unknown) Thank you for all the friendship, prayers love and support.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

Fall Colors

Coyboy Up

I've had a lot going on this week, and I probably shouldn't even be sitting here posting, but I figure I better start catching up before the baby comes.

So first...Western Fantasy!

A couple weekends ago, I got to go to this fun charity event with a bunch of gals from my ward. One of the moms had bought a table for 10 and couldn't make it so we all went! We got all dolled up for the event and had a great evening! I wish I could've danced some during the Dierks Bentley concert. That was not going to happen. Do you notice the gargantuan belly in the front of the picture??? I was just praying to go through the whole night without going into labor. And that belt kept slipping down because it was under my tummy :) It was quite funny though how many times I had to trek my way to the bathroom. It was all the way up the stairs and I think I went 5 times that night. You don't realize it when your just a couple steps away when you're at home. We had a blast that night and um yeah...amazing food and dessert! A pregnant woman can't forget her chocolate :)

P.S. I just have to say how darn cute we all look :) Thanks again Kealey!