Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank You Mom

So, my baby is asleep for the moment and everyone else headed off to church. I am writing when I probably should be resting. However, since it's only 9 in the morning, I'm not exhausted...yet.

I just want to THANK my wonderful mother for coming out and helping with Jace and Camden for the last week or so. She was SO helpful. Everytime I turned my head she was either doing another load of laundry, cleaning up Jace's room, doing a fun craft with Jace, making food for our family, letting me take much needed naps, bringing me my water, loving on Camden and holding him during his fussy times, helping me figure out my diet again with breastfeading, and overall....just being my mom. I LOVED having her here. It was so hard to let her go but easier knowing I'll see her again in a short few weeks for Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such a great mother. Eventhough I'm old enough to know she probably doesn't, I still think she knows everything. I guess that's something as a child you never really let go of. I think its a form of security. Jace had a GREAT time with grandma! I was so happy knowing that she was with him while I was away and I knew he would be perfectly fine. I was so happy to see him interact so well with her and she helped me really lay down the law sometimes, which has helped me stick to my guns so much more. Jace is def. persistent when he wants something and it was so reassuring to have someone there to help enforce the rules. :)

Heath has been so busy with school that I've been the enforcer. What a blessing for her to come during this time too. I've never, in our 6 years of marriage, seen Heath work as hard and as dilligent and as long as he has for the last couple weeks. We've been counting down the days till the end of the semester....then he can breathe again. I can tell you, though, that I know that if you're doing what's right the Lord will bless you. One night when I was in the hospital, Heath was gone at school all day and came back to stay with me around midnight. He proceeded to write a paper that night in the room and got it back yesterday...he got an A. I was shocked and so was he. Then the other night, he had stayed up really late studying and of course helping with the baby in the wee hours of the night, when morning came, he was about spent. He called me later that day from class and said he had energy and a clear mind and felt like he could work on his project till late that night. At first I wasn't sure where that came from but then I thought of the scripture "run and not be weary, walk and not faint" I know the Lord is watching over him and our little family. I have so much to be grateful for. Sorry for the long post. I still have to tell you all about Camden and our baby #2 experience. more to come later.

As for us now, we have Heath's parents here for the week! Wahoo!!! It's been so great having so much help. :0) Happy Thanksgiving.


Family of Four said...

Dear Stacey, Heath, Jace, Camden -

We love you guys sooooo much and can hardly wait to see you at Christmas. I promise you'll have LOTS of help as Alison, Tiffany and I are already fighting over who gets to hold Camden first! The girls can't wait to play with Jace!

Thank you for the update and for letting us know how you've been blessed through this exciting time. Keep up the good work!

Much love,

Jenn, Aaron, Sydney & Haylee - Hugs & Kisses!

dixonfamily said...

I'm so glad that everyone is doing well, that your mom came, and that more family is coming, and that Heath is doing well in school!! It makes such a difference in our lives when we can recognize the help the Lord is giving us! Thanks for the sweet post. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the sweet words. I love you. Mom