Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Mcdonald had a ....

One of our last weeks in Thousand Oaks, we took Jace to this big farm where you can pick your own vegetables, fruit, and flowers. We picked strawberries and rasberries and they were amazing! They had pony rides, petting zoo, adventure zone, train rides, tractor bumper cars, mining for gold and a lot more. We fed the goats that walked across beams above our heads. Jace got to ride Tinkerbell, the pony. No other kids were riding the train, so they let him DRIVE the train. Picking strawberries was a very messy job! There were bees everywhere and squished strawberries up to your ankles. But they were worth it!! Here are some more pictures from that awesome day. We had a blast! Now we are searching for something like it here in Colorado.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Day 25 on 28

I know. I know. I've skipped a couple days. This experience has taught me a couple things. First, I really have gotten in a better habit of writing and have really enjoyed that. Second, there are a lot of things I can do with my time that give me "my time" besides blogging....which I seem to enjoy like sewing, exercising, reading, digital scrapbooking, baking. Third, people don't blog as much as I thought they did. Fourth, the best things about my life are my husband and two kids. Fifth and last, I like blogging a lot more when I don't have the pressure to think of something to write about. So, in light of this, I've decided to just make a goal to do something for myself everyday, it could be blogging but it doesn't have to be.

Enjoy the next posts so that will be solely dedicated to my boys who make me smile everyday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 24 - Memories

I never did this when everyone did last year, but I've always wanted to. If you read this, even if we haven't talked or seen eachother in forever, can you leave a comment of a memory you and I had together! Thanks! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 23 - One More Day

This morning, I woke up pretty discouraged that I had to face the day with no husband around again. In fact, most mornings are hard because I know I won't see Heath until 11 that night. But, my boys turned my day around. I can't whine or pout about my life when my kids around, so I couldn't help smiling and laughing and playing with them, which domino into a good mood. Sure, we had our moments of frustration and wrestle fits with a couple bumps and bruises, but it was a good day. It poured rain all day. Hmm.. random thought, for those of you statisticians out there I guarantee you can run a test that finds a statistical significance between rainy days and me being in a good mood. Of course, Heath helped too because he is so loving and understanding and he knowing me so well knew that I wanted to be mad, but texted me to help me let go of my childish attitude. At the end of the day, I realized that I find pride in what I do at home, even if it is the laundry, dishes, dirty diapers etc. How this translates into motivation to clean the whole kitchen before Heath got home, I'm not sure. But, I knew that the only way to show that I was okay and supportive was to get the house in order.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 22 - Yipee

Yeah! Today we found out that the school accepted our appeal and we got in-state tuition! What a huge blessing! Our prayers were answered.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 21

Thanks Angie for inspiring this post....

Things I love:

hearing Heath come home from a long day at school
reading books to Jace
Camden's adorable laugh
seeing a good friend's phone number on my caller id
getting a package in the mail
following the spirit and knowing I did what was right
being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
fall TV Shows - Office, American Idol, SYTYCD, Psych...
laying in bed talking with Heath for hours
the smell of rain in the dessert
learning and singing the notes of a new song
rainy days period.
music. music. music.
saturday morning pancakes
watching Heath and Jace play baseball, football, wrestle, swords. He's the best daddy!!!
sewing something new and loving my creation!!
reading the first page of a great mystery novel (not the last--that means its over)
dancing when no one is watching
dawn at Carpenteria beach
hearing stories about my grandparents' childhood
watching my favorite chick flicks
editing a paper or resume (I know, I'm crazy)
seeing my babies learn and grow every day

i could keep going on....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 20

Today's high was 78 degrees. Cann you guess what tomorrow's high will be? ..................... Did you say 48 degrees! Yikes. I guess they aren't kidding when they say today was the last day of summer. I was thinking today of how amazing it is to travel a couple hours and be in a completely different climate. Isn't that great, though? Snowing in Colorado and can fly to Arizona to enjoy the sun. I'm not so sure I'm ready for cold weather again. That's something weird about Colorado is you never know what clothes to leave out. In Arizona, I can pack away anything that remotely reflects warm clothing. Here, you can be wearing a short sleeved tshirt and capris one day and a snow coat and boots the next. I need to expand my wardrobe...oh wait, I have no money to do that. Guess it'll have to wait. I am excited to see what this fall and winter has in store for us this year. I am definitely looking forward to the amazing colorful seasons of fall.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 19- Perspective

Understandably, all of us have our individual struggles and personal trials to overcome in this lifetime. And, not to undermine any of your trials, but I've had a fresh dose of perspective these last couple weeks that makes my trials look like nothing. When Heath and I were first married we were in a great ward with so many amazing young couples. We had a blast! Among these couples, were our friends, the Dixons. A couple years ago we reconnected through the blogging world and when Heath went to Portland to check out the grad school, they graciously let him stay with them. Since then, Alissa and I have stayed in touch through our blogs. A couple weeks ago, I found out that she was having some serious complications with her fourth pregnancy. Her unborn baby, Maddox, has something called hydrops. You can read the story here. . Their journey of heartache and faith has touched me and has really reminded me of what it means to have an eternal perspective. But, I guess the reason I'm writing this is because I know they need as many prayers as they can get. If you can, read their story and say a prayer for their family. It's amazing how much the Lord's hands have played a part in their lives. Come to think of it, I can see the Lord's hands in all our lives.

Day 18

Sorry about not writing yesterday. I've had a couple of really hard nights and long days. Being up all night doesn't make facing the morning very fun. The boys have been sick and only having one bedroom for them has been interesting, to say the least. I would get one to sleep just to have the other wake up. I've been up for 2-3 hours every night. I finally moved Jace out to the couch so Camden wouldn't wake him up. Last night was much better bc Camden only woke up at 3 and Jace slept soundly in his own bed. It's the pitts having sick kids. I feel so helpless like I can't do anything to help them. Hopefully, they will be feeling better today. Jace's medicine makes him more wild than he already is so I'm sure you can imagine how exhausted I am. After I put them to bed, I go to bed. I didn't have my sewing group this week so I'll probably end up sewing tonight. Hope so!!! Heath is of course studying again this Saturday, so it might be another long day but I've got some ideas to make playing inside fun. I'll write again later tonight.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 17

Woke up wishing the day to be over before it began.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 16 - Today's List

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes. It seems like you make one decision just to turn around and be ready to make another big decision. We just finished our summer in California, and yet we are faced with what to do next summer already. Life is in fastforward and sometimes I feel like I can't get a handle on it. Do you ever wish you just had one full day to catch up? And even then, I'm sure it would take more than a day to get ahead of the curve. I guess this is why I have to look at my days in baby steps. I have to do it that way or I would be frustrated all day that I didn't get everything done. I like my today lists instead of my to do lists...bc that goes on forever.

Surprisingly, Heath and I don't have one of these. (someday when we have money)

I would love this

Unfortunately, our car needs this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 15

Whenever I make my bed in the morning, I end up having a much better day. One thing in my life that can be in order.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 14 - As a Mother

Today, I was listening to Dr. Laura on my way back from picking up Jace from preschool. It was funny bc she told a lady that no 3 yr. old should ever be in preschool. I thought about that bc well, Jace was in preschool when he was 3. We did have some extenuating circumstances and I don't think I'll put Camden in that early, but in this case, it was okay. Dr. Laura said "there's nothing your 3 yr. old can learn in preschool that he can't learn from you, his mother." I've always been a strong believer in starting at home. I take every opportunity to teach Jace when I can. Yet, Jace has flourished in preschool. He soaks it all in and does well in a controlled setting. In fact, he has a personality that craves structure. Sure, kids still turn out wonderful without preschool. In Jace's case, I am glad that he's been in preschool. Also, because of his drive to learn and be actively engaged, he's had so many great experiences that I can't always give him. This summer was really good for us because I tried to do an activity with Jace every day. It helped me get in a good habit of getting out of the house and fueling his energy or should I say, using up some of his energy. That's one thing I love about being a mom. I love thinking of fun free things to do and being creative doing so. I have to send a shout out though to all those AMAZING moms out there! I was reminded on Sunday that I am the only one that can be my boys' mother. It's my place, my job and my responsibility. When I think of it that way, I have an increased desire to do my part and do my best to raise and love these boys the best I can.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 13

It's not that I don't like blogging, it's just lately I've seen it as something else to do on my checklist. I don't want it to be like that and perhaps it's because I have to think of something to write about each time. Instead of a topic today, I'm just going to write. Today was a good day at church. I thought choir practice started today so Heath dropped me off early and drove home. Well, no practice. I sat in the chapel for an hour just sitting, thinking, reading the hymn book (didn't have my scriptures.) To be honest, it was quite nice to just have some peace and quiet. And yet, in the back of my head, I was hoping everything was going okay at home and feeling guilty I wasn't there to help Heath out with the boys. Jace has been exceptionally active as of late. I just can't figure this kid out. I want to embrace his energy for life and who he is, but somedays, it takes all my strength and patience to not burst. He's getting more aggressive toward Camden, and I don't think he's trying to be mean, he just doesn't know when to stop.... that's with everything though. We've racked our brains with good consequences, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas????? He won't sit in time out, he doesn't care if we take toys away and even if he cares for the moment, he does the exact same thing that got him in trouble a second later, which means he's not learning. Just venting. There's got to be a better way to teach him. We even tried a strike system. I think I'm going to try a reward system next...maybe then he'll get it. Good night whoever out there reading.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 12

I've always wanted to travel but never really had the means to do so. When I was at Ricks, I went on a bus with a school group to see some church history sites. I loved it! I've been to Texas when I was little. Went to New Orleans on a business trip. I've been to California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado. A couple years ago, I went to Hawaii and that was an amazing experience, which I never even imagined I'd have until later in life. Thank you to my boss for that!!! All things considered, I guess I'm a west coaster. Yet, I REALLY want to go see some more of the world. I've decided to talk about the top 3 places I want to go.

First and foremost, I've always wanted to go Italy. Growing up, I wanted to serve a mission for my church and I always imagined I would go to Italy. I don't know if it's the amazing architecture, unique design of the small cities, yummy food, or the beautiful scenery, but I wanted to go there. The mission didn't work out obviously...my mission was to find my sweet hubby and start a family. Someday..

Second, New York. I heart New York. I've never even been there but I know I would LOVE it. This city seems to be brimming with life, passion, and excitement. I'd like to take a cab, try a NY pizza pie, steak sub, serendipity, etc....food food. I LOVE food, see ground zero, the giant Christmas tree, ice skate in Central park, and every other tourist thing you can think of. This will have to be later in life so I actually have money to enjoy it!

Third, Kauai, HI. Yes, I've been to Hawaii but we went to the Big Island. Kauai looks so exotic and adventurous with hidden springs, lush cliffs, and private white sandy beaches. Ahh...the relaxation. The Big Island was gorgeous but lots and lots of lava....not so much beach space.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 11 - Ode to Camden

Camden is 10 months today!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing. I just ADORE him!! For 10 months, 10 things about Camden.

1) He already has 5 teeth and i love his smile. He lights up any bad day.

2) He is tough. He can take Jace jumping on him, squishing him, and wrestling him all day.

3) He loves his brother more than anyone!!! He can be completely upset and Jace will walk in the room and he'll immediately stop and start smiling.

4) He can say mama, dada and uh oh.

5) He LOVES being outside. If Jace and Daddy go play basketball, he'll climb over me to look out the window and watch them or crawl to the door, stand up and yell. And yes, I always take him out there.

6) He is a screamer!! I need to teach him sign language so he can communicate bc I can't take his screaming. wow. he has some lungs

7) He loves playing catch with me and can throw any ball. He loves taking baths, playing little piggies, being tackled by Jace, cars, animals and people!!! He'll smile and woo any old lady in the grocery store.

8) He is still a little guy. Weighing 16 lbs. but this kid LOVES to eat. Anything and everything that's on my plate, of course.

9) Knee n' foot: His crawling method. He won't crawl with both knees. it cracks me up.

10) He took his first step yesterday! Heath and I were both there for it. He was standing up holding Cam's fingers and let go. He stood for a second and then took a step.

Day Ten

Sorry - had a migrane. no post.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Nine

Spent my blogging time designing my blog. Probably will change it again...that's the fun of it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day Eight - Jace Adventures

Here's a summary of some of Jace's summer adventures! We took a lot of beach trips! He finally would venture into the ocean but was more than happy to play in the sand all day.

We signed him up for swimming lessons and he did great!! I was so proud of him. He was the only one in his group that would whole heartedly jump in the water and go for it.

Our sweet neighbor invited Jace to march in their 4th of July street parade. He was the hit of the parade with his flute and march. Everyone stopped and said how cute he was! This boy has such a love for life and an amazing passion for music. All I had to say was, you can play your flute, and he was there in a heart beat. He has no fear of being infront of people and def. LOVES the spotlight. :)

Jace loves sports and for the last year, it's all been about baseball! We found an affordable class this summer in T-ball. He loved fielding the balls in the outfield and throwing them to the catcher. His favorite thing was hitting, of course. I'll have to upload the video. He's dang good and has quite an arm.

The last week in Thousand Oaks, we went to the mall's kids club activity. They had Gymboree come and do songs and dances with the kids. Afterwards, a local orchestra brought every instrument you can think of for the kids to touch and play. Of course, Jace was beyond excited. He played a trombone, trumpet, xylophone, drums, harp, celo, violin and flute. What a great activity for kids to be introduced to musical instruments.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day Seven

What a fun day we had today! We talked about going to Boulder or downtown Denver to celebrate Labor Day but we decided to just hang out around here. Heath wanted to check out if this new burger place had opened up, so we decided to drive down there first. On our way, we spotted this great park, Bellview park. We went around the corner to a Little Ceasars, grabbed a 5$ pizza and drinks and headed to the park. It was totally spur of the moment and we had a blast! Cam and I just chilled on the blanket under the trees and Jace and Heath explored the creek, which runs through the park and kids were playing in it everywhere. We rode the train there for $1 and went through a dark tunnel and over two bridges. JACE was in Seventh Heaven!!! (Yeah, so all you Colorado moms, this would be a great cheap outing during the summer. Today, however, was the last day the train runs.) He can't get enough of trains...still. He got a picture with the conductor and he let him ring the bell. I didn't have the camera bc i didn't know we were doing all this fun stuff. Originally, we were going to do putt putt. Guess we'll do that another day. We had a fun day and spent hardly any money. Having a great day doesn't have to mean spending lots of money, it's just being together.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Six - Four Letter Word

Please proceed with caution as the following language contains a four-letter word.........................D-E-B-T. Pres. Hinckley has said to get as much education as you can and he's also said going into debt for education is understandable. Well, that's where we're at right now. Heath...still getting an education and us going into more debt. Gratefully, we've been able to secure some free money but it hardly makes a dent in the loans. Seriously, how does anyone do it and still live and have a family? Living off loans seems worth it so I can be with the kids but it feels like now we'll have to pay for loans for a while. I have faith that this schooling will lead us to a bright future and hopefully a successful career path for Heath. I can't understand why grad students don't get any pell grants. It seems like we are the ones that need it the most. It's actually gone faster than I thought it would and i'm hoping that trend continues bc his schedule this semester is hard. Oh, what a four-letter word!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day Four

Heath just asked me what I did today that was interesting. I laughed. Let's see, as a mom, I do a lot of things but are they interesting...changed diapers, fed and bathed the kids, did the dishes, made the bed, did the laundry, folded clothes, organized cubbords, cleaned up toys...all day, took a shower, played catch with Camden, built lego robots with Jace, was made into a pizza, tried to download Skype for an hour, danced around the room to Dan Zane and the Backyardigans, made dinner, cleaned up messes.

It's funny how my days are made up of all these little things but they are all so important. I used to dream of being a busy mom. Is that crazy? I would picture my life married with 4 or 5 kids driving them to and from practice, appts, playdates, taking care of the house in the middle of it all, teaching them about faith and life, and making yummy snacks and scrumptious dinners. Crazy thing is, I still want this. I LOVE being a mom...even if it is crazy and can take every last inch of patience. The last couple weeks, we've juggled the idea of me going back to work to help our financial situation (loans galore). I can tell you that everytime it came to my mind, I would get choked up. I can't even imagine my life any different and without these two sweet boys in my life....even if it were for a couple hours a day. I used to work full time. I did up until Jace was almost 3. Then, it was different and I knew nothing else. Now, I know what it's like to stay home fulltime and I don't want anything else. Sure, there are plenty of days where going to work would be a HUGE relief and a nice break. But, then I think about missing even a moment of Camden changing and learning something new or Jace saying something like, "i like riding elegators." He has a hard time with his "v." For now, I'm not going back but I'm still toying with the idea of doing something from home. I just can't let go of how much I could help pay off our loans. I know we'll know what to do if it's right and most of all I know that the Lord guides and directs us everyday. How grateful I am to know that family is the most important and he'll make it possible to accomplish the thing that he's commanded of us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Three

It's nearly 11 p.m. at night and I want to go to bed but remembered I had yet to post today. I just finished cutting out all the fabric for my next sewing project. I've finally started the Colorado chapter of the Secret Stitch Club. Now that I know when the baby will be asleep, it's much easier to handle anyone coming over. I invited 3 girls but only one was able to make it! I'm so excited though to start sewing again. I'm making the Phoebe bag. Heath is at school until 11 p.m. at night 3 days of the week so I figured what would be better to take up my time than sewing! Certainly more fulfilling than wasting my time watching tv. My bed is looking great right now. Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two

I sit here with alot on my mind. Today was a hot day but right now it's raining and I LOVE the smell of rain. One thing I loved about Arizona...the smell of the desert rain. So, what I've been thinking about a lot is Pres. Obama and his speech next Tuesday to grade schoolers. I think it would be fine if he went to motivate the children to have a passion for education, but it goes further than that. He wants the children to idolize him. If he's really interested in improving the education system by talking about the importance of education, why isn't he talking to high school students too? Afterall, they are the ones at the forefront of higher education. Oh yeah, that's right, grade school kids are still impressionable. Now, why is he asking the teachers to have the kids write down goals they can set that can help the president further his goals..and then be accountable to the government for them? Now don't you think that's going too far? There is definitely an underlying political agenda attached to this speech. Some parents are talking about not having their kids go to school that day. It's not only about whether or not they hear it, it's that he's trying to control another aspect of our lives. I will be the one to teach my children about what's right and wrong. It starts at home. There are so many versions of the truth these days, It's so important as parents that we are the ones to instill strong values, morals, and beliefs.

You can still respect the president but don't have to agree with his policies, choices or opinions. What if they don't want to do something that helps further the president's agenda? What then? They are probably too young to even question it, so instead, they will do as he says and be seen as the great president who makes all good decisions for this country. What are your thoughts? I'm sure I've ruffled somebody's feathers. But, if you'd like to comment in a respectful manner, I'm sure we could have an enlightened discussion.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can I have your attention please...

Last Sunday Jace gave his first talk in church. I had been rehearsing with him for a couple days b4 it and we talked about the temple alot to get him prepared. I was ready to whisper in his ear what to say....he didn't need that. When they said it was his turn, he walked right up to the microphone and said "Because of the temple, I know my family can be together forever. The temple is a house of God." I was so proud! It's amazing to see him saying what we've been teaching for years. I guess he has no fear of speaking infront of people. hmm...I think I knew that...mr. walk up to any stranger and start a conversation. :)

First Day

Jace had his first day of preschool. He's actually been in a school setting for a while now. My dear friend, Maren let him go to preschool when he was not even 3 bc I was still working. Then, last year, he was in preschool for half a year bc of our move. Now, this will be his first full year of preschool!! Can't believe he's getting so big. I love that kid so much. Just tonight I was watching him brush his teeth and I got choked up. How come time goes so fast and these sweet babies grow up on us and become so independent. He rarely lets me hold his hand but he likes to snuggle at night still. Tonight, I was putting the boys to bed again. (without Daddy most nights bc school until 11 p.m.) I was rocking Camden, and Jace came over to sit with us. Camden leaned over and fell asleep on Jace's chest. Again, teary eyed. Camden ADORES Jace. He can do no wrong.

Day One

So today is my first official day of the blogging promise. I have to say, over the last couple days, I've had doubts. How come I said I would do this. I never have any time as it is. Maybe if I don't do it, no one will care and I'll be off the hook. But... I would know and that means more to me than anyone else. It's really not even about writing about certain topics, it's more about being able to just take 5 minutes out of my day to do something that has to do with me. Although my blogs revolve around my two boys, I will try to venture out.

Today, I took the boys swimming at our complex pool. We met a woman and her son, (Jace's age) there last week and are going with them again today. It's funny because usually when I force myself to get out and do something fun with the kids (even though it can be hassle getting there), the event is well worth it and I usually get more out of it than expected. Like this last time, a new friend....for me and for Jace. Sure, it's easy to just sit inside and play or just relax (what's that?), but that doesn't stretch you. I have found everyone is happier when we do something out of the house. If you know anything about me, it's that I'm a people person. I enjoy getting out, inviting people over, meeting new friends and starting conversations. Whether it's going to the grocery store or the park, going out is good for everyone. :)