Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day Eight - Jace Adventures

Here's a summary of some of Jace's summer adventures! We took a lot of beach trips! He finally would venture into the ocean but was more than happy to play in the sand all day.

We signed him up for swimming lessons and he did great!! I was so proud of him. He was the only one in his group that would whole heartedly jump in the water and go for it.

Our sweet neighbor invited Jace to march in their 4th of July street parade. He was the hit of the parade with his flute and march. Everyone stopped and said how cute he was! This boy has such a love for life and an amazing passion for music. All I had to say was, you can play your flute, and he was there in a heart beat. He has no fear of being infront of people and def. LOVES the spotlight. :)

Jace loves sports and for the last year, it's all been about baseball! We found an affordable class this summer in T-ball. He loved fielding the balls in the outfield and throwing them to the catcher. His favorite thing was hitting, of course. I'll have to upload the video. He's dang good and has quite an arm.

The last week in Thousand Oaks, we went to the mall's kids club activity. They had Gymboree come and do songs and dances with the kids. Afterwards, a local orchestra brought every instrument you can think of for the kids to touch and play. Of course, Jace was beyond excited. He played a trombone, trumpet, xylophone, drums, harp, celo, violin and flute. What a great activity for kids to be introduced to musical instruments.

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