Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby #3

Here's a glamorous picture of my belly! I don't know why people want to see it...but they do. :) This baby #3 is a...... GIRL!!! Can't believe it myself! I'm so excited but also wondering how this new addition will work with our family of rambunctious boys! Perhaps she'll be an angel like I was...right mom? :) I don't know how to post the ultrasound pics without a scanner so sorry. I won't be posting more pics of me for a while.....

Just love this face

Camden is getting oh so cute but who am I kidding, he's always been cute! He's also become quite the determined, stubborn stinker and active little guy. I can hardly keep him from chasing Jace around the house making growling sounds, tackling and sitting on me, daddy, Jace, friends...etc., throwing his food across the room, thinking that everything he does is funny even when it's not, dumping water outside the tub, let's see...falling over and getting a goose egg nearly every week. These days that's just a given! This kid is going to have more bumps, bruises, broken bones..I'm sure of it. Jace had his first accident only last year. Camden, on the other hand, loves to run into walls. Not to mention, a couple weeks ago, he got into the trash can, pulled out an aluminum can and sliced his finger. just lovely. they glued it back together and was quite the trooper.

He also gives the BEST hugs and kisses imaginable! Can dribble a basketball. Can drop kick a soccer ball. LOVES being outside any chance he can get. Laughs when he sees squirrels and rabbits. Squeals when daddy comes home! Said Elephant the other day! Can blab and talk forever! Just love this little boy! Thanks for being such a joy in my life.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Believe it or Not

March flew by this year and I can hardly believe it's April. Another thing I can hardly believe is how round my tummy is getting. Being pregnant is not really tangible until you see your body change or feel the baby. Well, both have happened and I'm not sure how I feel about being all big and round again but can't wait for this sweet baby to join the family. Also, i can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. Can't believe this was the last spring break for Heath. Also can't believe it's snowing today.

Well, we had our last round of visits last week and we're anxiously awaiting more visitors. At the end of January, my mom came. two weeks later, ali and ryan came and then last week Heath's parents came! We LOVE having people come to Colorado so if you're looking for a trip, consider it! Unfortunately, we have yet to have a comfortable bed for our guests to sleep in so most opt for the hotel route. I'm happy with where I am at right now in my life. It's crazy and unpredictable but it makes me smile. Today, the kids and I stayed in the car and danced and sang our hearts out to a Backstreet Boys song. I love those moments. I took Jace to get his haircut because I just didn't have the time to sit and do it for an hour. I really enjoying cutting his hair but he moves so much it takes forever! I'm not a pro. :) Today is picture day!

So, what happened in March? a lot. Let's see if I can recap. Went to the museum with Jace's class to check out the dinosaurs, watched Camden get even more teeth...he's done now., enjoying Jace's learning moments--he wrote the word CAT for the first time and without my help. He sounded the whole thing out himself. More snow days. Heath and I went and saw Michael Buble! As gay as that might sound, HE and I really enjoyed it! It wasn't obviously a rock out concert but he is such a great entertainer. It was both of our first concerts! Our next one will be Muse. Our seats were high but close to the stage so we got to see all of Buble funny antics and silly dance moves. He really has a great sense of humor too. It was a much needed date night (THANK YOU Brenda and Terry for coming and watching the kiddos so we could be at ease :) Heath's parents came and we had a blast! They took Jace to see How to Train a Dragon, we ate and ate, played games, stayed indoors from the cold weather, went on an easter egg hunt, planted veggies for the garden and well just loved having them here.

Easter this year was special. I made a Jerusalem dinner with lamb, barley, salad, deviled eggs, grape juice, pita bread, asparagus, fruit desert. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! We did an easter program with the kids that morning and watched General Conference of course! Jace sat through and listened to two talks!!! I know...I was shocked too. He would sit there and pick out words, like Jesus, faith, family. It warms my heart to see him grow in the gospel. I felt like every talk this year was for me. I needed that extra push as a mother and a parent to be more loving, patient, enduring, organized, focused. etc.

That's it for now. I'm going to go and be a mom now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lose Yourself and Find You

So, I've been totally swamped and consumed with this service project I've been putting together these last weeks. Hence, MIA from the blogging world. My spare time has been devoted to making phone calls to community leaders, talking or emailing high school contacts, trying to work with scouts..etc. So, I've been busy but I've been loving it! I got on my service project blog tonight to post about my experience today. So, check it out if you'd like to see what I did today.

Anyways, I'll tell you how it all came about. For the last two years, I've been volunteering my time with helping out a grassroots service initiative called 42 in 42. My husband's mission companion started it to inspire people to lead a service project in their community or join a cause to serve. It's 42 projects in 42 days. It doesn't start until April 16. This year, I really wanted to help out with more than just editing and writing press releases and media stuff....I wanted to lead a project!

After some phone calls and some tweaking the Silo Park Garden Project emerged! A local park grows a garden each year with vegetables and flowers. They usually have the city running the veggie part but this year with budget cuts were seeking volunteers to help. I called about a different idea and this one fell into my lap! I wanted to start a community garden and here it was. The only thing is, which I think is even better, all the food harvested is donated to local charities each year. The perks of a community garden are all there except we don't eat the fruits of our labor. :)

With spring break, general conference and easter, we didn't have a great turnout this morning for the planting of the cabbage, broccoli and the strawberries, but that means it can only get better next Saturday.

Read here for my post today.