Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just love this face

Camden is getting oh so cute but who am I kidding, he's always been cute! He's also become quite the determined, stubborn stinker and active little guy. I can hardly keep him from chasing Jace around the house making growling sounds, tackling and sitting on me, daddy, Jace, friends...etc., throwing his food across the room, thinking that everything he does is funny even when it's not, dumping water outside the tub, let's see...falling over and getting a goose egg nearly every week. These days that's just a given! This kid is going to have more bumps, bruises, broken bones..I'm sure of it. Jace had his first accident only last year. Camden, on the other hand, loves to run into walls. Not to mention, a couple weeks ago, he got into the trash can, pulled out an aluminum can and sliced his finger. just lovely. they glued it back together and was quite the trooper.

He also gives the BEST hugs and kisses imaginable! Can dribble a basketball. Can drop kick a soccer ball. LOVES being outside any chance he can get. Laughs when he sees squirrels and rabbits. Squeals when daddy comes home! Said Elephant the other day! Can blab and talk forever! Just love this little boy! Thanks for being such a joy in my life.


adrienne said...

sounds about right! drew is the same! we live the same life {minus the baby #3}

Stacie said...

Your boys are darling!