Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing Views

Kona Temple

Lush Rain Forest

Kileau Crater--Volcano Adventures

Black Sand Beach .... more info to come.

Heath and I saw the Black Sand Beach on our way to the Volcano, which was a 2 hr drive. It was beautiful and the waves were so big. I couldn't believe the range of ecosystems during the drive. At one point we're driving through rolling hills, steep cliffs along the coast, then rocky black lava areas, next amazing rain forests! It was so incredible to see the variety all within a few hours. When we got to the was FREEZING!! We were up 4000 ft. and yeah, we forgot it would be cold and had to purchase sweatshirts. It was pouring rain nearly the whole time. We also had a chance to walk through a LAVA TUBE. To get there, we walked down the most amazing rain forest. I wish I could capture the beauty on a camera but it's nearly impossible. The other impossible thing was that there were no bugs. I thought there would be bugs everywhere...guess I was wrong, which I'm glad about.
I know, cute toes huh? Not really, but I thought it looked cool on the black sand. :)