Monday, June 18, 2007

Sprawling From Grace, Driven To Madness

I like this video because it points out what is wrong with our cities and society. As a Planner, this is what I study, and I love it. It is a promo to a movie coming out soon about how we build, what it cost etc. It brings out the fundamental problems in how we think we should live the "American Dream". Enjoy, and if anyone has questions about this, I would love to share.


I just wanted to give a shoutout to the best daddy anyone could ask for! Heath is such an example to me in how much he loves and spends time with Jace. They play drums together, guitar, listen to music, watch CARs, play on the computer, dig in the dirt, play basketball, and Jace's recent

For some reason, Heath knows just how to make Jace laugh. I love it! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy for Jace. He has been especially helpful this summer as he's been Mr. Mom! I get home from work and the house is clean, Jace is happy and fed and I find out about all the adventures they went on that day.... Home Depot, grocery store, the park, etc. Even though our circumstances have been hard with my job, I am so happy that we have Heath to watch Jace this summer instead of a daycare. It was the right decision. So, Happy Father's Day Heath. We love you!!!!! love, Stacey and Jace.