Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Tag

HERE ARE THE RULES: You have to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder in your pictures folder. Then give a brief description before you
tag a few others.
This picture was taken at my office when I worked for Sport Court. It's actually one of my FAVORITES of Jace. He looks so adorable in his little jean jacket. I turned this picture in once for a contest too....no prize but I couldn't resist! I believe Jace was nearly one in this photo. Looking at how small he is here, just makes me even more excited to have a new little one around the house. Hooray for more poopy diapers, more late nights, more unexpected smiles, more giggles, more learning new things, more mommy and me time, more precious moments that go by way too fast.
I tag anyone and everyone that wants to do this. It was fun!