Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The morning of Jace's birthday, I surprised him with balloons in his crib (yes, he's still in crib) and all over his room! He was so excited. he said, "Wow, thanks mom!" with as much expression as he could muster. We had fun playing with them that morning and I know he knew it was a special day! :)

Never Ending Celebration

Well, Jace turned 3 yesterday!! I know I can't believe it. We've been celebrating for a while. I'm pretty sure Jace thinks he gets to open presents now every week! He first opened presents while my parents were in town--he got a drill (batteries already dead with him using so much), play snakes (He likes singing the "Trust in Me" song from Jungle Book with them) and other fun stuff. I think he would have been completely content with just that.

But....wait. We had a Splish Splash Bash for him and his friends last Friday and it was a great turnout and they had a blast getting wet and running around!! And the fun doesn't stop...last night on his actual birth day we took him out to dinner and they sang him Happy Birthday with free ice cream. I should have brought my camera to capture the grin on his face; he was so thrilled they were singing to him. I could just tell he felt VERY special.

That's not the end...we'll be having a party Memorial Day with Heath's family. Man, I wish my birthday would last a month. :) Needless to say, we've been extremely busy and it finally seems like things are settling down enough for me to think about anything else.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A new little bundle of joy....

and they think it's a boy!

The doctor said he usually can't tell this early, but this little baby was being quite cooperative. We are SO excited! I'm 13 weeks and due November 20th. I can't believe I'm going to have two boys on my hands! After I told Jace, I asked him if he was going to teach his little brother to play anything and he said, "Yes, tennis" Jace cracks me up! Where does he come up with this stuff? I was hoping maybe for a girl but now I can see how GREAT it will be to have a little buddy for Jace. He can teach him everything he knows about cooking, sports and music! I really couldn't be more excited! It will be so nice to have a sweet baby again in the house. I think Jace will be quite the little helper. I hope so, at least. Hooray!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We had so much fun with my parents in town! We went to Tempe Town Lake and did the paddleboats! It was a perfect day on the water! Jace was hesitant to put that life vest on but after he realized there was no option he settled down quite well! He loved being out there, seeing the birds, duck and bridges. He and Daddy took a stroll down the riverwalk and I caught some cute moments of them. We also got to celebrate Heath's graduation at Black Angus! It was yummy food and they gave a complimentary dessert! It was so nice! A very nice evening with family! It truly was a great weekend! Jace loved having his grandma and grandpa here!!!! We also took a trip to Globe for El Chalos!!!! The BEST mexican food you'll ever have!!! It is always worth the drive. The chips and salsa lack but man the tacos....hmmm...I hope I don't crave those otherwise it will be a long trip up there for Heath :)

Is that not the cutest picture of my boys! I love you both so much!!!!!


So Proud of our Cum Laude Graduate

Jace was soooo good during graduation. I couldn't believe he was my kid. He sat still and loved it! He kept looking at all the colors, flags and people. I was so thrilled because I was able to enjoy it so much more! Our little family! So proud of Heath for all his hard work! We love you so much. Heath is the first one in his family to graduate college. He has had this goal for so long and I couldn't help but get choked up watching him enter the room. It was a big day for us. It's been a long road with a lot of detours along the way but we've made it! And now onto graduate school....
Heath's parents have been so loving and supportive! He couldn't have done it without them. He loves and looks up to them in so many ways.
My grandparents also made the trip! Thank you for coming. It really meant a lot to both of us that you were there. We sure love you. You've helped us all along the way.

My wonderful parents also came! Thank you for your love and support. You have helped us time and time again. Thank you for believing in Heath. We love you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shout Out!

I want to give each of you a shout out and let you know what a wonderful mother you are! I had a very special mother's day today. I was asked to sing for our Mother's Day program in Relief Society and well it didnt' go like I planned. I completely couldn't sing. I was choked up and crying mostly the whole time through it. It only helped that my mom was in town to make me more emotional. As I started to sing the words, "she taught me to live with the Lord as my strength" I was flooded with emotions of gratitude for my mother. She has done everything for me to raise me well and in the way of the Lord. I felt so incredibly blessed. Although you couldn't hear the words, I felt them in my heart. Afterward, the RS president read the words to the song and I was so glad because they needed to be heard. Besides being pretty embarrassed that I let my emotions so so much, it was still a great day! I love this day when we get to appreciate all the wonderful women and mothers in our lives. Thank you, Mom for giving me so much.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Something about Heath

I got tagged to tell a little about my hubby...

A -ATV of choice? No idea
B - Born? January 1980
Cookies or Candy? Candy...loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
D-Date of Choice when you go out? Dinner, walk around downtown and watch a movie at home
Essential Item? Cell Phone or Sunglasses
F-Favorite Foods? Ice Cream, Cereal, Lasagna, Pork Burritos (his mom's)
G-Gas or Diesel vehicle? Gas
H-Hobbies? Let's see.... watching or playing sports, finding unique design and developments on the internet, watching the Discovery Channel, playing on Photoshop with his plans, listening to music
I-Ice Cream Flavor? Private Selection Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
J-Job? Asst. Community Planner
K-Kids? 1 - Jace
L-Last Vacation as a couple? Kona, Hawaii :) what a treat!!!!
M-Morning person or night owl? Night owl--stays up all hours of the night
N-Number of Siblings? 3 Sisters and 2 brothers and he's the baby.
O-OCD or sloppy? Clean when he wants to be. He has his OCD moments
P-Pet Peeves? leaving on lights around the house, dirty car, out of cereal
Q-Quiet or Loud? Loud. I thought I was a big talker
R-Restaurant? Olive Garden for the breadsticks and salad
S-Sports? ALL
T-Tight wad or spender? tight..but not stingy. he's very money conscious and we are a good team
U-Unknown Fact about him? His grandma was his best friend in the whole world.
V-Vegetables? He LOVES cauliflower...go figure?
W- Worst Habit? Spending too much time watching sports or talking sports with Trevor
X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? I just found out he was named outstanding athlete of the year for his Jr. High class; held the record in most consecutive free throws and the #1 tennis player in the school.
Y-Your favorite things about him? He always knows how to make me laugh!
Z-Zodiac Sign? not sure... hmm.

I tag... Christie, Maren, Jenn Winn, Debbie, Terra, Tiff, Ali, Mom and Alissa

Coming soon...

I know I am late in the game and that everyone has been done with the Twilight series for at least a year now. But...better late than never. I finished all three books in less than a week! I LOVED them. I would say, probably a little obssessed. The next book comes out in August and I can't wait. I anticipate the movie even more....Dec. 12. I went on youtube and there a like a thousand videos and clips! I love the cast choices and it's the best when you can see what you imagined come to life on the screen. Until August...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've Got Everything

You know you're a mom when... you put your own words to Disney songs.

Sometimes my life feels like it's surrounded in theme songs. Like...It's a Hard Knock Life or Blame it on the Rain, What a Day this has Been, How Do you Know You're in Love....etc. This just came out of nowhere today. I'm working on a skit for YW Girls Camp, so forgive the Little Mermaid tune. :)

Look at this house, it’s such a mess
Wouldn’t you think I’d be better at this.
Looking around me, you see, sure she’s got everything.

She’s got dishes and laundry, oh plenty
She’s got diapers and bills piled up galore
You want toys all around, she’s got plenty
But who cares, no big deal, just like the day before

I want to have the house spic and span
All the kids washed and perfect obeying
Dinner made and my lesson all done
What a sight that would be

I want to enjoy every moment I have
of laughter of smiles and even the crying
Love in the home when daddy comes home
And kisses for mommy

All of the work is worth it somehow
There’s more to life than the chores all around
Someday I’ll be the woman I see in me.