Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Years

I made this for his Birthday this year! Camden LOVES Elmo!!!!
How has two years gone by since I had Camden! Even still, somedays I wake up and can't believe I have three. Camden is such a joy to our family! He is still determined as ever and a little stubborn guy but I adore him! He is truly Obsessed with sports. He sleeps with a football. It's so funny. Tonight at his birthday dinner, he ran to the bar to watch football. He'll sit and watch soccer and know exactly what's going on and yell when they almost score, ask to watch a basketball game on tv. He cracks me up! His is saying so many more words these days and I love hearing each new one. I keep trying to get him to say his name and he won't do it. He just smirks and says, "no." He is climbing on everything and it's not uncommon to see him eating lunch in indian style on top of the table. He throws everything he can, can still drop kick a ball, has a major sweet tooth and I need to nip that right away. I can't keep him out of the kitchen because he's constantly eating and yet, he's still little. He adores Mazie and holds her all the time. He thinks he has to do everything Jace does and asks all day, where's Jace? school...the same routine every day. The boys love playing together and fighting of course. Thus the nature of brothers. But we love our boys and now our sweet little girl makes a perfect little family. :) Still waiting on the job...i imagine hope and pray we'll know more in 4 weeks from now. Happy Birthday Camden! It snowed today just like the day you were born. We love you!