Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trucking in T.O.

Our second week in Thousand Oaks, we went to a city event called TOUCH - A - TRUCK. It was a 4-year old boy's 7th heaven!!! It was free and they let all the kids get in firetrucks, police trucks, delivery trucks, cement mixers, street washers, ambulances, army tanks, bulldozers, tractors....you get the idea! They had about 4 different firetrucks and we had to go in everyone. Jace got to honk horns and push buttons. He LOVED every moment. Camden was there too....and was a perfect baby just happy in his stroller enjoying the loud noisy trucks all morning. He even fell asleep eventually. We wanted to go in the helicopter but the line was soooo long! We settled for watching it take off and blow dust all over us. :) It was a great family outing! Jace wanted to stay all day...oh wait, we did!!!