Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Been a While...

Okay, so if you haven't noticed already, I've changed my header like a thousand times. Seriously, being in design makes you a perfectionist. So...I think I got it the way I like it now. It only took me a bagillion times to get it right. I've been trying the digital scrapbooking and it's been quite an adventure considering I have the same problem as the banner....I just keep changing it because there are sooo many options. Anyways, it's been fun, though. I love doing that stuff. So, for my "journal purpose" I'll let you in on what's been going on in my life.
Most of it is taken up by work right now, which isn't that bad considering I'm doing some fun things right now like hiring for a new position, redesigning our web site and writing. I miss writing so much! In school, I loved it. So, in lieu of this, I have fallen into a "freelance activity" I've been helping people revamp their resumes, which I am loving! There's a great sensation in knowing what you're doing could help land someone a job and I get to use my editing skills too. It's funny I never realized it, but maybe I love doing it so much because it's a form of marketing....it takes thought and strategy to market yourself.

Last weekend we went to see Transformer's with some friends and it was sold out except the front row...so we'll have to leave that one for another date night. Instead we went and watched the Illusionist, which I liked. It was surprisingly dark but still very intriguing and I totally didn't figure out the end. Saturday, we had a major cleaning day at the house, which paid off big time...we were able to enjoy it for the couple hours it was clean. :) That night, we went to the Pioneer activity and had a great time. Heath and I tag teamed Jace and got to talk to our friends and we even cut a rug in the cultural hall.

Jace has been adorable recently...well he's always adorable. He is in this habit of saying "I'm sorry." It's so cute. He does something wrong and he knows it, and says, "I'm sorry" and then hugs you. Oh...I just love him! His latest interests include coloring....everything sometimes, reading books, making big messes, still cooking and an occasional rock out on the guitar. I have pictures that I'll post too. I miss a lot of what's going on during the day, which will change soon. He's been learning his letter sounds and he's got A and B down to a T. Still working on colors but today he pointed out brown, so it must be working. He's getting so big so fast. I need a little baby again!!! Anyways...this is long so I'll end.