Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The true meaning

I loved Easter this year! As a family, we really wanted to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. We woke up to a rainy easter morning ( I love the rain), which I felt appropriate for easter...starting new...washed clean...helping the earth grow and blossom. We had a yummy pancake breakfast and then watched Finding Faith in Christ. Jace sat through the whole thing and was particuarly concerned when they took Jesus to the cross. He's watched it before but I wanted him to realize what Easter was all about. We did easter baskets, but nothing extravagant...mostly candy. (which by the way needs to leave my house bc all I'm doing is eating it) Church, was of course, spiritually rejuvinating and the lesson in RS was so powerful about being valiant in the cause of Christ. We came home to a yummy pot roast in the oven and the rest of the evening was just so nice spending time together.

The Hunt

We went to the Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt for what Jace calls, "Rabbit Day" Good thing I had some of our coats in the car, because it was A LOT colder than we anticipated. In fact, Heath didn't wear a coat and he froze!!! His hands were like ice and the wind was blowing so hard. Not to mention, we had to hike a mile to get to the park. But, it was all worth it! There were SO many eggs. It was insane/ We had a great time and they were giving away free samples of the the BEST cake I've ever had.... nothingbundtcake. WOW! We went back for 2nds and 3rds. Jace wouldn't get near the easter bunny this year....who could blame him...he looked pretty scary to me this year. Aren't Easter Bunny's round and fluffy and friendly??? This one was emaciated and didn't look anywhere but straight ahead. Kinda creepy. :)

Just found this picture from last year.....what a difference! I can remember sweating like crazy that day.