Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sister to sister we will always be---a couple of nuts off the family tree :) - anonymous

Last weekend, was our Winn Family Girl's Weekend!! We had a blast! Last year, we went to St. George and this year we stayed at Alison's in Hungington Beach. The best part of the whole trip was DISNEYLAND! Ali's friend got us all in for free! And after going back and forth on whether to bring Jace, that made up my mind....when was the next time we could afford Disneyland!!!!! He did so well! I was very impressed. Plus, my mom and sisters helped out so much! Thank you!!!! We also couldn't have picked a better day...there were NO lines. The only line we waited in the whole time was for the new Finding Nemo ride, which was fun for Jace. His favorite rides were the train ride, carousal, Small world, a Bugs Land of Cal.Adventure, and he LOVED the Playhouse Disney live show! (Bear in the Blue House, Pooh, JoJo, & Stanley)

The rest of the trip was filled with the beach, shopping, pedicures, The Office marathon, in-side jokes, yummy food, bonfire, and relaxing!...Oh, and forgot to mention we all got soooo FRIED at the beach on Saturday!!! I had fun with Jace there, but next time, I will be flying solo and chillin with just the girls. :)

P.S. Pictures to come....

Back to School

Jace started Miss Maren's Monkey Preschool again last week and he's already having so much fun and making some great projects. He loves it! The first day took a little warming up, but now he loves going and I think daddy has a harder time than Jace. (he drops him off). He loves his teacher, Miss Maren, who tells us he is quite the crafter. He loves the glue, scissors, & coloring time. They made this flag in honor of Septemeber 11th. We hung it up on the fridge with his other masterpieces and he loves seeing them. He says, look, my pictures. It seems like his vocab is improving every day, which I think he picks up some great habits from his good friend and fellow schoolmate, Elliot. :) 'll be sure to post more of his fun projects so you can share in it with us.

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Okay, so this is the first of many posts because our lives have been a whirlwind and I'm finding it quite hard to catch everyone up on the last couple weeks, but I'll do my best. These are some recent pictures of our sweet Jace. He can't get enough of music. At first, I thought it was just a phase, but he's clearly shown it's something he loves. I thought this picture was quite appropriate considering Jace definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. He is definitely a spirited child with more energy and personality than you can imagine! He excels at anything he tries....except listening to his mom. We're going through that figuring out how to discipline stage. We had our first trip to the local Peter Piper Pizza place and he did nothing but shoot hoops and run around. He just never stops. His motto seams to be why walk, when you can RUN! He's fast too. I love him so much for who he is can't get enough of his excitement and zest for life.