Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back to School

Jace started Miss Maren's Monkey Preschool again last week and he's already having so much fun and making some great projects. He loves it! The first day took a little warming up, but now he loves going and I think daddy has a harder time than Jace. (he drops him off). He loves his teacher, Miss Maren, who tells us he is quite the crafter. He loves the glue, scissors, & coloring time. They made this flag in honor of Septemeber 11th. We hung it up on the fridge with his other masterpieces and he loves seeing them. He says, look, my pictures. It seems like his vocab is improving every day, which I think he picks up some great habits from his good friend and fellow schoolmate, Elliot. :) 'll be sure to post more of his fun projects so you can share in it with us.

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The Blakes said...

How fun that he gets to be one of Ms. Maren's monkeys? Beka and I are dying to get our boys in, but for some reason she doesn't want infants.

I love his project - so crafty!