Sunday, August 31, 2008


So, we've been in Colorado for about 3 weeks I think and it seems like it's been forever! I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. We really love our ward! We've felt so welcomed and everyone has been so generous and kind. There's a good group of young couples and families and we've already made some friends. I finally have my camera back so I can take some more pictures soon of our place. Jace seems to be adjusting well. He's already found some boys to run around with it. Last week, we went swimming with some kids in the ward and went to playgroup and a bbq at the Bishop's house. It's been so nice to already have a built-in network to make friends quickly. We feel very blessed. Heath had this week off because of the Dem. Convention. (which we stayed far away from!) I'm sure it was hectic downtown. We had our first experience with the lightrail when my parents were visiting. We all went to the Rockies game--and it was packed!!! There was a Broncos game the same night. I didn't have my camera then, so I'll post some of my mom's pictures when she sends them my way. We were all packed in like sardines, but I was happy to know that there are still gentlemen in this world that offer their seats to a woman with child :) Heath already has a calling as secretary in the Elder's Quorum Presidency and I'm still calling-free. That's good--put him to work :0) My tummy is certainly getting round and I seriously feel like an hour doesn't pass that I don't feel him kicking or moving or jumping around inside there. I'm anxious to have my first appt. here and get things arranged for the delivery. We have a fun day planned for Labor Day in the mountains with some families from the ward. We miss our AZ family and friends so much! Please know we think of you often. Lots of love.