Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 16 - Today's List

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes. It seems like you make one decision just to turn around and be ready to make another big decision. We just finished our summer in California, and yet we are faced with what to do next summer already. Life is in fastforward and sometimes I feel like I can't get a handle on it. Do you ever wish you just had one full day to catch up? And even then, I'm sure it would take more than a day to get ahead of the curve. I guess this is why I have to look at my days in baby steps. I have to do it that way or I would be frustrated all day that I didn't get everything done. I like my today lists instead of my to do lists...bc that goes on forever.

Surprisingly, Heath and I don't have one of these. (someday when we have money)

I would love this

Unfortunately, our car needs this.

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Becka Dietrich said...

It's the same with vacations. You need an extra day from your vacation to get back in the groove of things and do laundry. Good luck with your list!