Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two

I sit here with alot on my mind. Today was a hot day but right now it's raining and I LOVE the smell of rain. One thing I loved about Arizona...the smell of the desert rain. So, what I've been thinking about a lot is Pres. Obama and his speech next Tuesday to grade schoolers. I think it would be fine if he went to motivate the children to have a passion for education, but it goes further than that. He wants the children to idolize him. If he's really interested in improving the education system by talking about the importance of education, why isn't he talking to high school students too? Afterall, they are the ones at the forefront of higher education. Oh yeah, that's right, grade school kids are still impressionable. Now, why is he asking the teachers to have the kids write down goals they can set that can help the president further his goals..and then be accountable to the government for them? Now don't you think that's going too far? There is definitely an underlying political agenda attached to this speech. Some parents are talking about not having their kids go to school that day. It's not only about whether or not they hear it, it's that he's trying to control another aspect of our lives. I will be the one to teach my children about what's right and wrong. It starts at home. There are so many versions of the truth these days, It's so important as parents that we are the ones to instill strong values, morals, and beliefs.

You can still respect the president but don't have to agree with his policies, choices or opinions. What if they don't want to do something that helps further the president's agenda? What then? They are probably too young to even question it, so instead, they will do as he says and be seen as the great president who makes all good decisions for this country. What are your thoughts? I'm sure I've ruffled somebody's feathers. But, if you'd like to comment in a respectful manner, I'm sure we could have an enlightened discussion.


Amber Joy said...

I totally agree with you. I'm thinking of not having our kiddo go to school that day, or pull him out. I just don't feel good about the whole thing. Certain aspects may be positive, but the purpose is all twisted.

Angie said...

I'd love to get in an awesome debate with you but the truth is, I agree with you. Sometimes I like politics b/c it forces me to decide what I truly believe but I hate the political nature behind a lot of decisions. grrrr. I do like what you said about still supporting him as our president though. I don't have to agree with him but I can still support him. I don't agree with a lot of things but I definitely don't agree with those Obama-haters out there just looking for anything and everything to hate about him.
BTW, you and I need to get together. I need some "buddy" time. We're out of town this weekend but let's try and at least get together. Maybe you guys can come over for dinner or something. Or we can have pizza at a park with the kids. Who knows, but let's do something.

Farrah Nelson said...

Amen! It is up to us as parents to be the first and foremost teachers to our children, too many times we think they should recieve their teaching at school but we are responsible for the adults that they will soon become.

Heath Reed said...

I always think it is a good thing to have the president to speak to our kids, especially when its about education and the importance of it. The lesson plan is what I have an issue with to further his agenda. Remember what JFK said in that famous speech decades ago? Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Not to pledge to serve the president. To me, it’s the underlining issue here.

Graham and Rebekah said...

Hey Stacey,

I am really glad that you brought this up for a discussion. To start off, I am not the biggest Obama fan. I too feel that too much of his attention is directed at securing a legacy for himself and not enough attention is being focused on the most important issues. I think there are positives and negatives about the Obama speech. I do know that in California, the speech is being broadcasted to all public schools, secondary and elementaryand teh White House is not soley targeting elementary schools. If the speech is purely (as the White House states) going to encourage students to stay in school and highlight the importance of education, then I see no harm. President Obama is the first presidential candidate in several elections to engage a younger crowd of voters and because so, he has become idolized by younger generations. You could argue then that this speech could be compared to the PSA announcements that celebrities and athletes endorse. That being said, I do think there is an underlying socialist tone to the purpose of this speech. But I do not think that not allowing children to see the address is the answer. Like you said, education begins in the home. Situations like these are perfect learning tools for parents to have a conversation/discussion with their children about the address. Find out what your child took away from the speech and then voice your concerns or your own values, morals, and ideals that you would like your children to embrace. Just my own thoughts. Thanks again for posting.