Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day One

So today is my first official day of the blogging promise. I have to say, over the last couple days, I've had doubts. How come I said I would do this. I never have any time as it is. Maybe if I don't do it, no one will care and I'll be off the hook. But... I would know and that means more to me than anyone else. It's really not even about writing about certain topics, it's more about being able to just take 5 minutes out of my day to do something that has to do with me. Although my blogs revolve around my two boys, I will try to venture out.

Today, I took the boys swimming at our complex pool. We met a woman and her son, (Jace's age) there last week and are going with them again today. It's funny because usually when I force myself to get out and do something fun with the kids (even though it can be hassle getting there), the event is well worth it and I usually get more out of it than expected. Like this last time, a new friend....for me and for Jace. Sure, it's easy to just sit inside and play or just relax (what's that?), but that doesn't stretch you. I have found everyone is happier when we do something out of the house. If you know anything about me, it's that I'm a people person. I enjoy getting out, inviting people over, meeting new friends and starting conversations. Whether it's going to the grocery store or the park, going out is good for everyone. :)


Rachel said...

I love your new writing spree. Writing is totally therapeutic for me so I'm sure it will have the same effect for you.

And you're right, half the battle is showing up. The days when I don't think I can handle taking the kids out of the house are the days I need to get out the most. And it almost always pays off.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Christie said...

I'm glad you are doing this! It's a great idea.

Becka Dietrich said...

Good for you Stacey! I'm sure finding things to write about will come easier as you start to notice more going on around you.

I look forward to 2 months of stories and insight from you.