Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mazie's Blessing

I have lots of catch up.... Enjoy....It'll be a lot pictures per request! :) First thing first, Mazie's special day! My parents and Heath's parents came because we coincided it with his graduation. But, it was sad to not have our other family members there and they were all VERY missed.This day was very special especially because first Mazie was named after Heath's grandma and second, she was blessed in a very unique dress--Heath's grandma Mazie wore this dress fabric to Heath's mom's wedding and then his sister, made a dress out of the fabric. When Heath and I got married, she gave us this dress in hopes we'd have a baby girl someday! So blessed that we did!! Because our sweet Mazie is a petite little thing, I had to make some major alterations so it would fit. So the weekend before, my mom and I took the dress apart and then put it back together. And I LOVE IT!!!! She looked like my little porcelain doll. And although it's been difficult having no sleep again and dealing with a toddler and a baby, I have never doubted that she came at the exact time she was supposed to. She is an enormous blessing in our lives and we just adore her.

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lindsaylou said...

what a sweet beautiful girl!