Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Well Jace got a bowling set for easter. I was getting tired of having to set up all of our empty water bottles. Jace just figured this out one day--I saw him setting stuff up--cans, books, toys, buckets, you name it...and then he would bowl into it. He cracks me up!!! We've never gone bowling or watched bowling!! I don't know where he gets it. ??
Anything that could be associated with sports, Jace LOVES! I don't know if you can call bowling a sport...I believe that might be debatable and perhaps along the line of billard pool.

Yes, I did it!!!


Lynn said...

He is so funny, maybe you will have to take him bowling or let him watch bowling for dollars...

Jill Manning said...

What a cute action shot of his made bowling skills! BTW, bowling is totally a sport, but that is because it is the only one that I am semi good at!