Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Play-Dough Creations

Jace and I had a fun time the other day making creations with Play-dough. :) He told me what to make and I did as he said like a good little mommy....Nemo, Dinosaur, Pizza and Wallee. (For those of you who haven't seen the previews for Wallee: Jace is obssessed! He loves watching the preview right before Ratatouille and now he begs me to go to the web site. It doesn't come out until July. ) I'm sure we'll be doing play-dough again very soon....it was a hit!

A giraffe turned dinasaur.

Hmm. who's my next victim?


"Yes, I'm a natural blue."

Pizza anyone?


Tiff said...

he's so stinkin' cute!

Lynn said...

You make cute play dough crafts. You are brave. I did let all you kids play with play dough, but I hated cleaning the stuff up in the carpet. I don't know if I ever let Tiff play with it.
She was deprived, you know.

Maren said...

Stacey... I really see a future for you in playdough. You might want to list yourself on Craigs list as a freelance Playdough artist. I love it!

Tiff said...

thats why i love it so much now, its cause i never played with it when i was younger.