Friday, February 15, 2008

Pat Tillman Foundation

I'm doing some independent sales consulting with a company called Sandbox Creative, whose client is the Pat Tillman Foundation. They just introduced an incredible promotion!!!

Check out the news coverage below. Just wanted to let you in on some work I'm doing and give you an opportunity to donate for a great cause...and a chance to win. You can purchase your tickets online at: When asked where you heard about it, check the box STACEY REED.

One-of-a-kind Tillman Chopper

Custom Black Metallic Paint
U.S. Army Ranger 2nd Battalion flag on the front fender
NFL Honor Patch on gas tank
Silver Star Award for Valor
Purple Heart awarded by the President of the United States
Military dog tag rear view mirrors
Chrome football headlight
NFL embossed logo
ASU Sun Devil embossed logo
ASU mascot – Sparky on rear fender
Official NFL leather football seat
Football kicking-tee for kickstand
$85,000 value

P.S. pass it along. we're still looking for a MAJOR SPONSOR


*Matie Kay* said...

to get link for the template you can use and that will give you a url that you put into your template

Stacey said...

thanks Matie! I figured it out last night and i was so excited! I'm going to start designing my own now. i went back and looked at the actual html link and saw the photobucket link. it was easy from there!

Nikki said...

Nice bike, very snazzy. I love your backround, so cute.