Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monet in the Making

Since I've been home with Jace, I've been trying to incorporate CRAFT TIME. Because we can't afford preschool anymore, he misses creating and playing this way. A couple weeks ago we were playing around with some glue and paper and felt and stickers and I tried to help him situate pieces here and there but he wouldn't have it. this was HIS project. He proceeded to place shapes and a dot of glue on the top. Finally, after getting frustrated that I kept trying to "fix" his mistake. He pointed to his picture and said, "See, this is art." How cute!! I couldn't believe he just said that. He already was expressing his own version of art. Who am I or anyone to tell him it wasn't. It made me think of how each of us have our own version of what "art" is and what's beautiful. But, yes, to me that day, that was art because Jace created it. I thought about posting it on EBAY and getting $1,000 for his masterpiece. :)

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