Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Between packing, moving, driving, unpacking and organizing, I finally have time to give an update on what's been going on. First things first, I have to give a big SHOUT OUT to all my friends and family in Mesa! Our last weeks there were so fun and wonderful and I really felt like I was able to have some good times before we left. I had a brunch with the girls from my ward, hung out with the Barney's at the new complex (which isn't opened yet) But it will be a hit when it does! Went to dinner with Heath's two best friends and their wives, which is always a good time. I just wish we could've seen each other more often. Had one last big family dinner at the Reeds and had a great party at the Bodily's (again, THANK YOU!) Heath and I really wanted to say goodbye with some cookies and ice cream party with our good friends. We already miss you!

The day of the move was hectic. I was so grateful that Heath's parents took Jace for the day. Then, Amber and Helena and Stef helped me get some cleaning done before everything was moved out. We had a HUGE turnout to help us load the truck. Truly, I couldn't believe it! THANK YOU TO ALL THE ELDERS QUORUM MEN! We owe Brad a steak dinner for helping us fit everything in our 16' truck. It was a miracle that it all fit. What a blessing. Thank you again! I feel so blessed to have so many people show so much love and support for us. Amber arranged for the young women to come help me clean after everything was out. I can't even believe how much they helped..vacuum, baseboards, refrigerator, sweeping, mopping, freezer, cabinets...etc. They were heaven sent! I seriously would've been there into all hours of the night. A BIG THANK YOU!!!! It was so generous and kind of the leaders and everyone. I felt so loved. I, of course, was a big blubber baby when I said goodbye. I hope the girls know how much I love them. Plus, Amber, if you read this, I hope you know how much I appreciate all your help and love and friendship and for helping me get things together for weeks before the move and for all the boxes, the lunch trips, car talks and late night movies. You have been such a good friend. And our home teacher came later that night and helped Heath with some small loads and cleaning and vacuuming and running errands. Thanks Scott! We'll be thinking of you and Jenna when we watch Psych.

This is getting long....sorry...but I had so many people to thank. We've been so blessed.

So far, we like it! We sure miss our friends and family so much though. It's def. going to take some getting used to. Our place has so much storage, which I love. The garage is a major blessing. Things are tight in here but I really am starting to like this town home. I LOVE that it's one story. I LOVE our deep kitchen sink. I LOVE our window seat in the family room. I LOVE Jace's huge bedroom. I LOVE the HUGE patio! We have found a great beautiful area and everything is so close including the Parks Meadow Mall, which we had our first family trip to yesterday to buy me some jeans. (I know, I didn't have one maternity pair...who needs them in AZ?) The light rail is walking distance from our house. Jace and I went to a fun park today and even met someone from our new ward there by chance! The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I love how the storms roll in late afternoon and cool everything down. I'll take some pictures as soon as my camera gets fixed :(

The best news of all is Heath got offered a job today with the city of Centennial! HOORAY! Things do seem like they're falling into place. Jace has seemed fine with the transition. It really helped to have his Mimi and Bumpa here for the first days. They drove over with us and helped SO much to get our place in order and play with Jace. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!

I'll def. keep everyone updated with the latest. We love you and miss you.


Jill Manning said...

Oh yeah, you made it to CO!!! I know what you mean about everything you said about the Stewahona ward, there isn't a great ward in all the church in my opinion. And you made it to Park Meadows (that is my fav. mall). And you met someone from the ward, that is great! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in CO. I miss those late afternoon storms, they are what makes CO so great (can you tell I am a little bias about CO?)! Good luck with adjusting, you will do great!

RatalieNose said...

Oh Stace I miss you SOOO much already!!!!! But I"m soooo happy everything went so well!!! You're the greatest!!!

The Blakes said...

CO sounds wonderful already! You'll adjust in no time, though we'll certainly miss you around here!

Jared and Lauren said...

I'm glad to hear that you've made it safely! Sounds like you had an awesome ward back in AZ. I'm sure they'll be every bit as good in CO. We have those same kinds of storms here in WA that just cool everything down. They're great!
All the best on your new adventure!

Becky Wagner said...

I am so new to this whole blogging world, and I am just found your blog! It has been way too long! You guys look so good and your little ones are adorable. Hope you are doing well.
Becky (Barr) Wagner

The AZ McMillans said...

I'm so glad you like your area and home so much! It makes the move a whole lot easier I'm sure. Hey, if you get a chance, send some of those storms and cool weather down hogging it all to yourself! :)

Dan and Marci Family said...

I hope you like Colorado I loved growing up there. Good luck with your pregnancy.